La Prensa Hispana readers voice their OPINION 50.97% Oppose Obama and 49.02% are in favor

Al Vasquez

La Prensa Hispana

Last Friday, La Prensa Hispana ran a survey wanting to know how our readership felt about the Obama administration. Since the majority of our readers are Latinos, we braced for a surging tide of Obama supporters.

That did not happen. We are still receiving e-mails as of this report even after the Obama speech to both houses on Wednesday, the numbers are as follows:

The total respondents were 1,022.

Number in favor of Obama 501, number opposed to Obama 521. Percentage wise, the Coachella Valley mirrors national polls. Our survey numbers are 50.97% opposed to Obama and 49.02% in favor. It would be difficult to find a more evenly divided readership.

The responses were cut and dry, there was no middle ground. Some respondents such as Tina and Glenn flatly stated NO while a few such as Michael chose a few words describing the human anatomy plus clowns to make his point.

Supporters as a whole were more verbose. Sylvia chose to castigate the mess left behind by the previous administration while Chris confirmed Obama was elected and he is doing a fine job. We did receive some lengthy analysis fitting for articles but portions would be unprintable on both sides of the argument. We have chosen to omit last names of those mentioned to protect their privacy.

The intensity of the responses varied throughout the six day period. Initial responses were more fervent and dogmatic while responses later in the week attempted to be more contemplative as if arranging all the pieces and arriving at the same splintered conclusions.

La Prensa Hispana thanks its’ readers especially those who are reading us on-line. La Prensa Hispana has now established a very significant e-mail base and we welcome comments on a regular basis to improve our product.

This weeks question is:

Do you believe the Obama administration is back pedaling on his promise for immigration reform?