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La Prensa Hispana in Association with California Hispanic Media, Inc. Adds to Endorsements

Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and Robert Sylk-La Quinta added to endorsement list

The Editorial Board for La Prensa Hispana issued another set of endorsements today after discussing candidates and issues at a week-end workshop in Costa Mesa.
In past weeks, La Prensa Hispana has endorsed Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor, local candidates. Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack for re-election, Steve Sanchez for the 80th Assembly District, for the Indio City Council, Elaine Holmes, Ben Godfrey and Gene Gilbert, For the La Quinta City Council, Linda Evans, for the Palm Desert City Council, Jan Harnik, for the CVWD Franz De Klotz, for the Coachella City Council, Jesse Villarreal, for the CVUSD Area-1, the write in candidate, Ron Gentry.
For Governor there was a clear consensus Meg Whitman would best serve the interests of California. Jerry Brown is seen as an institution that needs changing. For four decades, Brown has represented the tax and spend philosophy which has bankrupted California. There is absolutely no indication Brown would do anything different than he has in the past. California business is hurting, employment is at a historical low not seen since the great depression and neither Brown nor the Democrat controlled Assembly and Senate have a clue as to what to do. Meg Whitman won unanimous endorsement.
Carly Fiorina was endorsed by the board citing 28 years of failed policies pushed on California by Barbara Boxer. Boxer was recalled as arrogant, self centered and voting for every tax increase. She is also seen as anti-military and votes the will of the party versus what is right for California. Boxer who is a multi-millionaire has never been seen in the East Valley and has no Hispanic community outreach. California small business fears another term by Boxer would stall if not prevent a California recovery and today, the top priority is jobs.
With no Hispanic outreach, Boxer is not considered very viable for the Hispanic community and the California recovery in general. Boxer has done nothing to reform immigration for 28 years.
For Mayor of the City of La Quinta, Robert Sylk was endorsed citing Sylk as the only candidate who reached out to the Hispanic community. La Quinta has a significant population of Hispanics and the board found the lack of Hispanic outreach by the other candidates as troubling. The board chided current Assemblyman Manuel Perez for being 100% Democrat party conscious. He does not address the entire Hispanic community and completely ignores conservative family valued Hispanics. Despite the fact he is Hispanic he was used as an example of the lack of prudent judgment; the board was convinced Robert Sylk should be endorsed for showing his concern and ability to function across cultural and party lines.