La Prensa Hispana endorses Lupe Watson and Glenn Miller

Indio City Council race in focus

The Voto Latino Poll and the numerous calls we have received to cast a vote for the Indio City Council race has led us to acknowledge the calls and to endorse two candidates.

The commentary received has acknowledged Indio voters are eager for a change. While there may be disagreement on how to make the city of Indio a more viable place to live and work, there is no disagreement on the fact Indio citizens want to see a cohesive city council who demonstrates a partnership with its citizenry. Discussion is good, different opinions are good but in the end, citizens are demanding the council adopt a plan of progress and to have all forces pulling together for positive change.

The opinion of our Indio readers and participants in this week’s poll is being reflected by the endorsement by La Prensa Hispana of Glen Miller and Lupe Ramos Watson. While there are good merits for the other candidates, there is a building consensus that Melanie Fesmire, Ben Godfrey, Gene Gilbert, Lupe Ramos Watson and Glenn Miller can be a very effective team. Together this team can bring Indio into the forefront in the Coachella Valley and work towards restoring Indio’s historical position of being a “Hub City” for the Coachella Valley. With Indio and Coachella on the right track, business and commerce will undoubtedly notice the multi-billion dollar market in the East Valley. This will lead to new major stores, new opportunities and certainly more jobs for the East end.


The community speaks and we report

The community is voting their preference for the November 4th election and this week the poll number of voters is 5,383.

Each individual that logs on to the VotoLatino web page can vote once. The computer system automatically cancels out multiple votes from the same e-mail address. The results are as follows:

Presidential Race

Obama 56% Democrat

McCain 44% Republican

This primarily reflects local votes. California is certain to go for Obama. Nationally, the race is much tighter and on election-day will probably be much closer.

45th Congressional District

Mary Bono Mack 67% Republican

Julie Bornstein 33% Democrat

80th Assembly District

Manuel Perez 52% Democrat

Gary Jeandron 48% Republican

Indio City Council Race – Two contested seats

Lupe Ramos Watson 79%

Glenn Miller 62%

Mike Wilson 39%

Steve Sanchez 9%

Pat Runyon 6%

Coachella Mayors Race

Eduardo Garcia 68%

Jesse Villarreal 32%

Please continue to vote and next week we will run a final tally on the selected winners

by our readership for November 4th. Cast your votes at: