Joe and Mustard Productions IMPROV COMEDY SHOW

Dezart One Gallery

2688 Cherokee Way, Palm Springs


Admission $5 at the door

Joe and Mustard aren’t two people, they’re eight, and what they do onstage is as illogical as their name. They dim the lights, they take the stage, and they perform-without a script. Joe and Mustard is a comedic high-wire act with no net. The good news is, when they fall and go splat, it’s funny. The oddball improvisational octet is performing its unique brand of comedy Friday, February 27, at 8:00 p.m. at Dezart One Gallery. Admission is $5 at the door. The gallery will be open at 7:30, as well after the show, so patrons can browse the artwork.

Joe and Mustard founding member Scott Brassart says: “Improv is precisely what it sounds like, totally improvised performance. Usually it’s funny, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of people confuse Improv with what they see at the ‘Evening at the Improv’ comedy clubs. In reality, what you see at comedy clubs isn’t improvised at all. It’s highly scripted, minutely rehearsed stand-up. True Improv is neither scripted nor rehearsed. It’s created by performers on the spot. Improvisers are the mad scientists of comedy.”

Dezart One Gallery is an unusual venue for a comedy show, but Joe and Mustard SOLD OUT their recent gigs. “Dezart has worked very hard to create an environment that supports all of the arts, not just painting and sculpture,” Brassart says. “They’ve had live theatre, music recitals, poetry readings, all sorts of things. The performance space is perfect for a group like Joe and Mustard, and we’re thrilled they’ve invited us back.”

Joe and Mustard group members are available for appearances and interviews.

For more information call Scott Brassart at 760-799-9030.or Dezart One Gallery 760-328-1440