It’s a Whacky World We Live in

September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

Not too long ago we had an incensed Barbara Boxer who manhandled an Army General for calling her Ma’am which is the highest respect and regard to women established by the U.S. Army. Men are addressed as Sir as a sign of respect.

Ego erupted throughout the Senate hearings chamber and you could almost envision the peacock feathers extended upon her insistence to be called Senator Boxer. A polite Ma’am certainly will not do. Shouldn’t senators be wearing some kind of a papal ring? The irony of course is that Boxer was speaking to an Army General who would defend to the death her right to say anything and she took this opportunity to chastise his honorable intentions. There is just something plainly shameful with allowing senatorial ego to overtake common sense. Such an omnipotent response to such an irrelevant salutation is embarrassing for all of her constituents. There is ample evidence her display of arrogance bothered her not one bit. Barbara the senator supporters of course blame it all on Sarah Palin who eats moose and this is affecting womankind.

This week, Hilary Clinton took offense to a question asking her what former President Bill Clinton thought about a particular issue. Hillary barked back “I am the Secretary of State and I am not going to be channeling Bill Clinton”. Hillary apparently is fine with channeling Barack Obama who she carries water for but Bill is a totally different “animal”. What a beast he must be. Constituents just do not know what to think anymore about powerful women in politics. Is it about ego or is it about their perception of self? It gets to a point whereby what they think of themselves is a bit like looking at a circus mirror.

From one side you see a bloated sense of self and from the other you see the ridiculously distorted caricature they have become. Hillary supporters blame it all on Sarah Palin, she eats moose and now there is absolutely no doubt it is affecting all of womankind! We must chastise Sarah Palin for daring to be a good looking, conservative moose eater.