Integrity is a Missing Commodity

Supervisor Stone running for the 28th Senate District is proving to be a candidate with too many questionable stains on his record. Setting aside the fines imposed by the California FPPC, the placement of his pharmacy license on probation for three years, his lying to a DEA agent and what has been reported as conflict of interest violations.
Seven years after the California attorney general said it is very possible police style badges issued by former Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle are illegal, three County Supervisors still carry them. One of them is supervisor Jeff Stone. The badges were recalled since they were issued to individuals who were not required to conform to any requisites other than “Friends of Bob”.
What appears to be a pending cover up has surfaced. Stone was involved in a road rage situation in Temecula on December 23rd whereby the other motorist called 911 against a driver who was “driving in a wreck less manner” and suffered an angry encounter. Deputies arrived after Stone personally spoke to Sheriff Stan Sniff to ask for support so they already knew it was Stone. The other driver reported to deputies Stone had represented himself as a “ Sheriff Deputy”, with a badge and was suspicious due to his belligerent attitude. The responding deputy involved advised Arnold, the other motorist, Stone was a “security guard” and entitled to the badge. If they already knew he was Stone, a County Supervisor, why would they say he was a security guard? There is sufficient conflicting dialogue in the written report to suspect a cover up since the information does not match known facts by deputies.The other party was essentially intimidated which was the entire purpose of Supervisor Stone flashing the badge and deputies collaborated, perhaps under direction from the Sheriff himself with the intimidation. A copy of the report was provided to the Press Enterprise recently and a Freedom of information request has been issued to obtain copies of the 911 call and other pertinent details. The FOIA request was responded to by the Sheriffs Department and they will not act on the request until after the June 3rd elections, which on it’s own merits smacks of a cozy relationship between Stone and Sheriff Sniff.
This has been a particularly disturbing election year with officials in high law enforcement office’s being unable to maintain integrity and allowing for personal egos to replace common sense. Riverside County District Attorney Zellerbach is on the precipice of being arrested on multiple charges, Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff endorsed Zellerback and maintained his support until evidence of slipping polls caused him to say maybe “never mind”. Law enforcement supporting illegalities of higher ups should not be condoned under any circumstances. This disregard for the law taints entire departments and smears loyal, law abiding employees who must follow orders to remain in good stead with higher ups.
If these officials running for office can act in such manner under the open scrutiny during election season, just imagine how they behave behind closed doors. Light from the moon is actually light reflected from the sun. In the same manner, decisions and behaviors of department personnel are reflections of attitudes and decisions from those in charge.
The community should well consider proven integrity. We need to take a closer look at the candidates and support those who have earned our trust and vote out those proven to be morally corrupt.