Indio State of City event held Friday

Mayor of Indio, Lupe Ramos Watson presented the State of the City address before a packed house at Heritage Palms. The event was themed with a Wizard of Oz ambiance
including the fabled Yellow Brick Road. The event was a city highlight and served to inform the community of programs in action as well as forth coming events.
The City gave a list of upcoming openings including Starbucks north of the Jackson overpass. A much anticipated arrival will be that of the Indio College of the Desert campus scheduled for 2012.
This opening is destined to give the Old Town Indio area a real boost and local downtown merchants are already fixing up their stores in anticipation. The Indio Chamber of Commerce was
instrumental in the organization and presentation of the fun and informative event.
Photo by Juan Vasquez of Mayor Lupe Ramos Watson and Indio Chamber CEO Joyce Donaldson.It is not about depriving citizens of a place to play, it is about fiscal soundness, credible leadership and knowing where your tax money actually goes.
The lost $6 million dollars have been dismissed lightly almost as an “oh well, it’s just politics”, and no one really knows who ended up with it, why, who gave the orders, who benefited? For $6 million, you can bet there were an awful lot of people who benefited and none are talking. With no dogmatic side taken, I only ask you go vote with an open heart, and by the way, an open wallet!