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Indio Council Feeling Affects of Election

As President Obama eloquently stated “ gentlemen, elections have consequences”, but Obama left out the word gentlemen. The City of Indio is in relative turmoil over Lupe Ramos Watson, the new Mayors decision to fill board and committee positions as is her right as Mayor.
But,but, Lupe is a woman can be heard mumbled beneath hushed tones. Yes sir, she is also a minority which adds fuel to the fire. And, she is proposing a newcomer Troy Strange who they claim lacks experience to replace the two city council members on community service boards. The city needs our expertise is their contention.Yes, the city needs your expertise as a contributing council member. It is an elected team remember? Lupe Ramos Watson is the Mayor for the next 12 months, now get over it.
By the way, the gentleman she is suggesting to put in on the two community boards being talked about is a “black man”. Does this qualify for the “wow” factor?
The City of Coachella has earned the name of “Macholandia” and perhaps due to the close proximity, this virus is expanding west ward. It remains to be seen how long this turbulence will remain on the news cycle but it is not conducive for the city to keep this fiasco on the front pages. Digging through the pages of archives to find free dirt to throw on each other serves no good city purpose. Adding a black minority to the council does!
The clamor from city residents is to allow the mayor to do what mayors do. Council members are elected to serve. They need to understand they get to serve where the leader deems their services are needed. Newcomers need to expand their wings, prepare for the future of Indio without fear and intimidation from the old Guard who have grown accustomed to ruling the roost.
These type of stories have a life of their own and expand outward. It remains to be seen where the disenchanted will go hunting, bringing in allies and digging up bones.