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In America, be American

We have descended into a nation of hyphens. This administration has done more to separate us as a nation than all other administrations combined. Even during WWII when brigades were categorized by color, the one thing that united all of us is the fact we considered ourselves as patriotic Americans. We were willing to defend our nation against any foe and made no excuses for America.
In today’s American society we have immigrants who have fled their countries due to economic disasters, high crime, war, starvation, massive illness, no opportunities, governmental malfeasance, no religious freedoms, homophobia, socialism, communism you name it and we have them. Upon landing in our great nation and establishing a minor foothold,many immigrants instinctively begin to build in our country the very same life they escaped from. They gather in communities intent on keeping their former identities and become hyphenated Americans. They become Mexican-Americans, Latin-Americans, African-Americans, Arab-Americans, Chinese- Americans and a host of other nationalities. Seldom do they accept America, it’s values and the saving grace which they found solace in. Seeking democracy as they understand it, these foreign immigrants gather around and adopt the Democrat Party thinking it means Democracy. the Democrat Party has for decades known this and have subsequently courted these groups and encouraged them to join in Democrat efforts in believing our Constitution is flawed. The very essence of what has kept our nation free is under vigorous attack.
It is to the Democrat Party advantage to keep these immigrants hyphenated. Even candidates within these communities campaign as “your Latino candidate” or whatever ethnicity will entice the vote. It is one thing to speak their language and quite another to abandon Americanization.
Democrats have become wise in perpetuating the hyphen and using it as a wedge issue to roadblock Republican efforts to encourage American values for all of those who claim America as their homeland. Hyphenation has accentuated its presence dramatically in these past five years and this administration will go to great lengths to perpetuate the hyphen rather than concern itself in reinforcing Americanization. I totally understand America is a continent and I use Americanization as the identity we have assigned for ourselves in the United States.
Unfortunately for all of us,deceit from our leaders is the greatest weapon used to trample our patriotism. We constantly see images of recent immigrants waving their countries flag in preference to the Stars and Stripes flag representing our nation which gives them shelter and the opportunity for a new life of freedom. The impetus for these often raucous rallies are not only condoned by our leadership,they are covertly encouraged to enhance, you guessed it, “hyphenism”.
The consequence of these actions in our own country emanate outwardly and you will now find anti-American sentiments even outside of war springing up all around the world. Many nations want our money but they certainly do not want us. Our representatives around the world, being our men and women in military service will confirm emphatically we as Americans bring out the worst of human traits in foreign countries often leading to bulling,humiliations, torture, captivity or death for our men in service. It all starts here on our very own soil perpetuated by us and our leaders who think “party” rather than “nation”, who believe being in power is the end-all for our nation. It is not! American leadership should be just that, American in thought, at heart and as a priority for God and Country. As Martin Luther King said, “we are a single garment of destiny” what part of single does our current leadership not understand?
America is not what is wrong with the world anymore than Our Christian Judea teachings is what is wrong with America. Conservative values is what continues to make every effort to drive this point home!
Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not goals for conservatives, they are ideals born of blood and sacrifice by our forefathers and that includes all men of any color or race who has ever signed up to defend our nation.