Implicit Bias Towards Israel-A Red Flag

We have an administration who equates language with leadership, who will unabashedly bend what they say for political expediency. The address before congress by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu threatens the agenda of the Democrat Party.
The thinking portion of our nation has already surmised Israel has to fight for American certainty of support while Islamic nations are given greater consideration by our current leadership. A recent poll confirms what was visibly evident by the Democrats boycott of the Netanyahu speech; only 33% of Democrats support Israel over Islamic Palestine while 75% of Republicans strongly voice support for Israel. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat congressional leader would continuously stand and turn her back on Netanyahu throughout the speech. This was an inexcusable show of a lack of respect and clearly shows the Democrats leadership sentiments; from the president on down.
The presidents refusal to meet with Netanyahu is no less disrespectful and clearly no less of an offense. Every single administration department head was absent including the Vice President. Only one news network pointed out Pelosi’s incredibly callous, mean spirited use of her freedom of expression. She gives credence to recent speculation as to why Democrats are symbolized by an ass.
While Iran has already reached ninety percent of their nuclear weapon development goals, our leadership in the United States for the last 18 months has allowed Iran to keep advancing towards their goal by simply extending agreement deadlines. Just as this administration proliferates issues rather than solutions, Iran seeks more time, not agreements. The administration obviously has to know this but continues to play this impotent game of pin the tail on the U.S. donkey.
Seventy three percent of thinking adults believe Iran already has a nuclear weapon and are stalling until their intercontinental missiles are fully developed. Iran wiping Israel off the map would be easy enough with the United States unbelievably providing cover. Several news entities from around the world including Arutz Sheva and a Kuwaiti newspaper in recent days claim the Obama administration had committed to shoot down any missile launched from Israel towards Iran. The genesis of the reports is unclear and there is speculation they originated last year when it was understood Israeli missiles would have to travel over Iraqi air space. Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Jimmy Carter Security Advisor in an interview with the Daily Beast, was quoted as saying “they (Israel) have to fly over airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?”
This quote clearly connotes a troubling mindset of what adversaries feel the United States would do. According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, on Saturday, the Obama administration was firm in being ready to give the order to shoot down any Israeli plane in route to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Reportedly an Israeli attack was imminent prompted by the fact the United States was holding secret talks with Iran and making allowances to accept the nuclear proliferation for Iran. Netanyahu aborted any plans. But, is it any wonder why Netanyahu does not trust or like our president and we now know why Netanyahu explicitly said “never again” indicating America may side with Iran but this will not diminish Israeli resolve to defend itself. When asked about the foreign press reports, the White House is quoted as saying, “like a lot of rumors lately about Iran talks, there is no truth to “reports” about Obama & Israeli jets”. American mainstream media has not broached the subject.
It is disheartening to see our national leadership splintered in regards to the defense of Israel. The policy evolving from the White House suggests one of permissiveness for Islamic nations and repression for Israel. There is no doubt Netanyahu has not been given the respect he duly deserves by the White House and current democrat leaders. Netanyahu, as the representative of our only real ally in the Middle East, can say, “with friends like this, who needs enemies”.
Americans who understand the need and value of protecting Israel argue the need is compelling while this administration coyly suggests it is not compulsory. Supporters sympathize without trepidation in defense of Israel knowing full well Islamic nations are undergoing a radical transformation where kill the Jews and kill Americans is instilled from childhood and devoid of any moral sensibilities.