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Immigration vs. Humanitarianism

A recent study by a non governmental entity in Mexico sheds light into why underage youngsters are arriving daily unaccompanied into the United States. As law abiding citizens we lament the fact all aspects of legal immigration are being violated, little attention is being paid as to why these youngsters risk their lives, travel thousands of miles and suffer the consequences of violations, injuries and death. We demand closer scrutiny of our borders and demand these young intruders be returned, blocked, deported and prevented from entering the security of our nation.
These sentiments are completely understandable and also completely unbecoming the America we have historically been. We no longer pretend to be the America which proclaims “ send me your helpless, weak and poor”. To a great extent, our sentiments have been changed by the criminals, terrorists and drug smugglers who need to be stopped, incarcerated, punished and absolutely prevented from stepping onto our soil. But as a nation of compassion, caring and with deep concerns for the welfare of children, we must separate those who come here to escape a certain death through abuse and those who come here to promote death and abuse.
As a frequent visitor to Mexico I have witnessed first hand the humiliating poverty, abuse and neglect of children who may not have been aborted but were abandoned early in life by overburdened mothers and by fathers whose only connection with these young life’s were as sperm donors, not as a viable parent. I have witnessed young females who were deported and live on the borders edge in card board boxes, prey for the ruthless sex trade who see these youngsters as income. They become sex slaves with no possibility of escaping from brothels, cities, or hidden bars; held captive drugged with no idea as to where they are. Not too long ago I spoke to the Police Chief of a major Mexican city and expressed my concern about the border situation on the Mexican side. On my subsequent visit I noticed those card board boxes were gone. To my deep concern I found they were gone from sight but not from existence. They were moved to a more secluded, less visible area. Residents arrive daily from U.S. deportations and aside from isolated church group organizations who take them food and rudimentary supplies, little is done to address the hardships.
When addressing the issue of immigration, we must take care to be sensitive to humanity, to life as Christ would address it and establish a clear demarcation between those escaping terror and those arriving to cause terror. Neither political party understands the dilemma , the Democrat Party looks at immigration as a different type of slave, a political,prisoner being groomed as a future voter and the Republican Party sees immigration as a burden, an opposition voter and a potential promotor of terrorism and illegal activities. Both are correct but neither have the right humanitarian solution. There are immigration laws which have no basis for the reality of the real world. Legal immigration can take as long as fourteen years,and cost thousands of dollars. A impossibility for children whose only concern is with survival,of day to day life. A millionaire in Mexico can buy his way into the United States in a matter of days, an abused child will die before any legal permit is granted.
Both parties need to address a profound humanitarian issue with regards to human life not with the discerning eye of a future voter as Democrats do who tend to concentrate on young adults rather than helpless children. From a Republican perspective, it is time to take heed of the religiosity associated with conservative values and seek a solution to the thousands of youngsters who slave 12-15 hours daily under harsh condition, under guard to prevent escape. Youngsters get only enough food to prevent starvation and are literally worked until a physical disability becomes permanent, they die or escape often re-caught.
Immigration will become a much discussed political issue and it is doubtful any of the political back and forth will hit anywhere close to the reality of the two faces of immigration. Those we must save and those with malice we must apprehend, punish and prevent from being in our midst.