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Immigration a Bi-Partisan Fiasco

President Obama’ s slick end around Congress to issue amnesty by calling it something else is nothing more than a con game. Obama hypnotized vulnerable Latinos by doing a Mexican hat dance intended to gather Latino votes. Today we have presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who eats burritos with “guac” offering Latinos to go further in violating the constitution. For Latinos in an immigration quandary, this is appealing. For those who portend to be Americans, this should be troubling. Hillary has little regard for constitutional mandate and has always been a step away from legal indictment. Immigration malfeasance would be nothing compared to her destruction of 30,000 emails from her privatized State Department server. Trampling of our constitution sets a precedence with repercussions for generations to come but, “at this point, what difference does to make”? Congressional legal challenges take years to resolve, decades to decipher; our nations future is destined to arrive bearing the consequences of egotistically driven political mandates. Hillary intends to follow the same principles. Loyalists will just yawn this one away.
There is little discernible difference from either party in understanding real immigration reform must be dealt with. The deadlock is in the process. Republicans concentrate on border security while Democrats first priority is to give them citizenship rights and assure future votes. The latest Amnesty ploy by Obama is already being scrutinized to allow for health care benefits with voting privileges being close behind. A certain prolonged constitutional court challenge awaits. Latinos are vulnerable to the Pavlovian response and their reaction to this fraudulent Amnesty, makes clear Latinos base their understanding of the wave of the wand decree on their level of dependency, not rational thought. Laws make our nation, wand waving does not.
Latinos are unaware the Obama administration contracts private corporations to deal with deportations. Leaving him clear & clean. There are dozens of facilities across the United States which house women and children being deported without legal counsel. These thousands of women and children will end up on the streets of border towns, prey for the sex slave trade. One facility, the Dilley Detention Center in Dilley, Texas is a “for profit private contractor facility” with a 2,400 constant rotation of young girls, women and children. The National Immigrant Justice Center and the Immigration Detention Advocates have had no success in obtaining access to counsel deportees and provide legal remedies for possible fraudulent deportation. Bear in mind these are all women and children; over 15,000 American born Latino children are in government run foster homes due to parent deportations. American citizens are unaware of these clandestine guarded facilities. In the wings is Hillary who was against immigration reform as a Senator but now promises a string of unconstitutional executive memos just like Obama.
Obamagration is not legal. Joseph Campbell states, the human mindset creates a mythogenic zone where we create or destroy belief systems, we oftentimes enslave ourselves with concepts true only within our own minds. Obama has mastered this notion. Latinos are about to find out having a new master does not make you less of a slave. Abandoning the precepts of our constitution will not make us more free. Immigrants escape to America in search of advancement or survival, most Latinos remain in survival mode for the rest of their lives. A compelling reason for this is their inability to disconnect from their home country. Most immigrants remain tethered to their nation and as a consequence attempt to recreate back home, here. Until they decide to be Americans and drop the hyphen, progress will be elusive at best.