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Ignorance is no Excuse for Inaction

There is a declining percent of American voters who believe the president is being logical and reasonable in addressing the growing threat of terrorism. Voters are starting to see the difference between misconception and the truth. Our leadership is perhaps capable of logic and reason but they have abdicated their duties and fall short of the ideals in predictable ways. Our enemy is using our weakness in the face of danger to their advantage.
Our terrorist enemies understand red lines are meaningless and our leadership has come to believe announcing what they will not do in combat somehow will soften a vicious enemy. ISIS has already shown its relentless blood thirsty attitude towards Americans, Jews and Christians. Beheading journalists, stabbing children in the throat with crucifixes, raping women at random, destroying entire townships inhabited by Christians, sending tens of thousands to die in the desert, the animalistic , tortuous killing spree being undertaken by our declared enemy is reminiscent of the middle ages. Nazi Germany is the closest modern day comparison with the slaughter of over six million Jews. The Obama administration refuses to call ISIS the enemy and still refuses to beleive this Muslim army has declared war on us and has no qualms in wiping us out. Our leadership is engaged in the most compelling self-deception ever seen in world politics. The Obama administration is attempting to make sense of life through rational contemplation in a part of the world where rational equates to insane.
In 1880, a surgeon, Jules Cotard introduced a newly identified medical condition he called it; delire des negations, simply put it is “negation delirium” Based on what we see in the Middle East, our leadership is suffering from “negation delirium”. The condition is not purely psychological; it originates from a physiological problem in the brain sometimes caused by a strong blow to the head or overindulgences in psycho somatic drugs.
This administration is convinced the larger the consensus, the more likely any decision Obama makes is correct. This is the reason for stalling, equivocating, procrastinating and being at a standstill when it comes to decisiveness. In truth, because more people believe something does not make it more accurate. In today’s society we no longer fear waking up with our head in a lions mouth but there are forces in play which are taking us into the antiquity of mental reasoning; forcing us to deal with the mindset of terrorists who want us to fear waking up in the midst of black hooded males ready to rape, behead and torture you in the name of their god. As a non Stone Age society, we cannot fully comprehend this mindset and trust our leaders to protect us but we are witnessing in front of our eyes, the “negation delirium”. It is going to affect ALL OF US sooner than later.
In a primate society, banishment equals death. In today’s Middle East world politics, we are being confronted by mass murderers who have in fact banished US from society. We feel compelled to laugh or as the president scowled, “this is the JV team” in other words, it is not real. We as a nation must understand what he does not, it is real and if we do not respond by wiping out the cancer, it will, regardless of how far away you see the treat infect all of our American society.
Our representatives are playing politics, following their leader. We as a nation have never been more vulnerable. We have elected our leader twice and feel a comfort abiding to democracy and the laws of a nation but in fact those we have elected are not responding in a reciprocal fashion. We are inching closer to a world war with terrorism and in the meantime, Nero fiddles and his sycophant court jesters, our representative’s dance to the tune they are played. Americans in a free society can shift our definitions to protect our ideologies but the one thing we hold dear and to remain a free society must never redefine is “FREEDOM”. Veterans who have fought on foreign soil are the first ones to say; “we do not want war here”. We elect those who will protect our homeland and we must hold our representatives to task! November 2014 is imminent.