<!--:es-->If the Horse is Dead, Just Yell Giddie-Up<!--:-->

If the Horse is Dead, Just Yell Giddie-Up

Traditionally, in common sense America it has always been, if the horse is dead, you get off. But, in Obama’s America, as it lays motionless on its side, you yell and scream giddie-up!
Over a span of several articles, I have referenced social medicine in countries such as Mexico. You have to stand in line for hours if not all day to get to the window upon which time you will be issued a number; not to see the doctor but rather to see the person who will make the appointment. The process can take days. Fortunately, doctors are allowed to have private practices after fulfilling their daily social medicine government obligations. This leads to doctors private practice offices being open in evening hours which is good. It may cost you a few dollars but in most cases it is preferable to “dead”. Here in the United States in order to maintain strict control over your healthcare, this will be prohibited forcing you to stand in line and see the doctor you are entitled to based on some federal official sorting through his or hers whims of the day, unless you are a senator, congressman, union official, large corporate democrat donor or a friend of Obama. Not a pretty picture.
The advent of signing up for Obama Care on the government web site is a prelude to what you have coming. People are starting to realize they will be penalized if they are not enrolled in Obama Care by the end of this year and less than one half of one percent has been able to do so. The web site has glitches! That is euphemism for “it don’t work”. The web site in question was tested with one hundred applicants prior to launching and it crashed from the overload. Reasonable thinking bureaucrats would have concluded if it could not handle 100, it is far from being able to handle a million as Obamanatics predicted would happen in the first days of launch. It was not a million but a few hundred thousand curious Americans.
We are now at the stage of hidden panic where we have been threatened with bringing in the “real” experts. Brilliant minds will be looking into this mess and forcing the Washington elite who garnered juicy multi million dollar government contracts to look over the experts shoulders until they fix this mess. In attempting to hide the real costs, the web site went bonkers by trying to evade reality and place a spin on how your cost would be LESS when it is actually MORE. Insurance brokers are going nuts trying to decipher pregnancy costs and benefit factors for males over the age of 55. It is probably impossible but all of you have got to pay for it just the same! Speculation of just these issues can make your imagination run wild and is causing quite a stir in celibacy circles. Small circles I would imagine. I believe this is one reason Congress opted out and was given an exemption. Congress and celibacy just do not mix well so as far as congress is concerned, if reproduction has to be included, let the taxpayers pay for it, same as abortion.
Now you see why the one year extension was “non-negotiable” for Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Just think of all the multi millions in penalties the government will collect from taxpayers who will not have insurance by the deadline, mostly the youth, in part due to frustration but will have to pay a fine. No risk, just money, America today, what a country! Who thinks up these jewels?
In today’s America, it is not what you bring to the table that will be judged, it is what you appear to have brought to the table that is deemed more important. With the help of mainstream media, we learn everyday Obama Care is the economic salvation of America, that is the appearance; the reality will never be spoken of by complicit enablers. So, taxpayers, you might as well just add another brick to that “yellow brick road”!