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Human Bombs Welcomed

Commander in Chief is more than a title, it is a responsibility. A responsibility to protect the nation, support our allies and get in front of known dangers. It is particularly frustrating when a politician relentlessly campaigns to lead our nation then resolves he only wants the perks. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of would be Marines have been rejected when during mental attitude qualification declared their most significant reason for wanting to join the Corps was the “uniform”. Protecting our nation is the prerequisite as it should be for Commander in Chief.
It is becoming significantly clear our nations leaders dawdling is allowing a cancer to overtake the world. As a nation we have yet to understand “no response is a response” and that is the military direction our Commander in Chief has again selected. The air waves are replete with Libertarian/Democrat apologists who clearly state “ even if we wipe out ISIS, they will be back”. The answer supposedly being “let’s give up now” and save our money for climate warming which was proclaimed by our Commander in Chief as our biggest threat to national security. This leader has no clue the answer to wiping out ISIS is to hit at the roots of this evil. According to our leader, ISIS no longer has established roots and operate at will throughout the world. Apparently, we are doomed to become Muslims. We are doomed to follow Sharia Law. Fortunately for our nation this leader was not at the helm when the Nazis were overtaking the world. We would certainty be all, all Germans, non Jewish, non minority and totally infatuated with ourselves.
In todays war against humanity there is a false religious belief at the forefront of confrontation. The nation is starting to question our leader, “what is the hesitancy in taking Islamic terrorists, down”?
America is not against adopting immigrants, quite the contrary we are a nation of immigrants. But, historically new immigrants assimilate, learn the language and adopt a posture of defending our constitution during the first generation. Into the second generation aspects of their native language become diminished and Americanization is becoming complete. Many offspring can no longer fluently speak the language of their country of origin after the first generation. Research has statistically shown Muslim immigrants followed into the fourth generation have not assimilated and show no intention of doing so. As legitimate citizens they organize, petition and disrupt our established society to change us rather than change themselves. Muslimization of the world is their ultimate goal.
To be an American, one primarily requires what F. Scott Fitzgerald described as “a willingness of the heart”. Muslim terrorists expanding throughout the world are demanding religious converts. They demand all abide by the laws of Islam in exchange for sparing your life. In truth, for the majority of Americans even by threat expressing a declared conversion would never be a willingness of the heart.
Hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants are arriving in America. Libertarians have a built in flaw towards immigration believing all individuals have a human right to relocate anywhere they wish to be. Anybody who wants to come to America should be permitted, they believe all cultures are equal. Given today’s tumultuous world, this belief is not only dangerous, it is unbelievably naive and a danger to our American way of life. Our Commander in Chief is unfortunately aligned with the Libertarian mindset.
The 30 states who unfortunately have little legal standing in opposition to the president bringing in 10,000 additional Syrians within the next 11 months are barking at the wind. This administration has vocally challenged any aspect of limiting the refugees based on religion. What is clear is up to this date, 96% of refugees brought into the U.S. Are Muslim, only 3% are Christian. We have yet to see Christians or Jews slaughtering humanity on Main Street. We must remind the public it is entirely possible to take in death threatened Christians from Syria and comply with the laws of humanity. Christians are not known to be enemies of the human race, avowed Islamic terrorists are! A ultra conservative estimate is 2% of all refugees will be prone to Islamic terrorism. Not to worry, out of 10,000 only 200 will convert to walking human bombs.