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How does Aspirin find a Headache?

As an avid reader, bookstores are preferred hunting spots. This week I bought the book by David Feldman “How does Aspirin find a Headache” simply because I was fascinated by the title. The book explores mundane questions we probably all have thought of. I was accompanied by my niece who happens to be an M.D. and she laughed at the fact I was actually engrossed by the ridiculous thought.
I explained sometimes I find a parallel with what transpires in our daily political lives. I suggested , “ How do our dumbest Politicians find their way to Washington”? As a Opinion Journalist, it all becomes relative. I dwell on how naive as a nation we have become. We listened to our great leader, Nancy Pelosi tell the nation, “We must pass this bill (ObamaCare) so we can find out what is in it”. Three years later when we are finding out what a horrible mess it is and will be getting worse, we are simply amazed. We have totally ignored the fact our elected leaders were elected to actually read the laws they are voting on before, not after they are passed. They are not. Passing laws has become the party politics way of siphoning money from the taxpayers to pad their personal and friends bank accounts. A great portion of our money will be used for the election or re-election of like minded individuals. All of this happens through back door maneuvering of the party in power. Those who receive favors, return favors is the simple law of political science.
The next big bite will come from upping the spending limits of government. Additionally, the Immigration Reform Bill left the Senate with $100 million dollars added on to it for Las Vegas PR and Marketing monies. Thank you Harry Reid. This is only one of the many money grabs that have nothing to do with immigration. Is it any wonder House Republicans said, “it is dead on arrival”? The Democrat response is Republicans hate immigrants. How do our Dumbest Politicians find their way to Washington? David Feldman answers the question. “ What do manufacturers do with the punched out holes out of loose leaf papers”, I wish he could answer “How is reason punched out of an Entire society”?
I want to make it perfectly clear, I do not believe the Obama administration invented incompetence in government. Incompetence is perpetuated over decades as leadership changes hands and crony politics brings in individuals who fall into the parameters of “The Peter Principle” they have risen to their level of incompetence and remain in government leadership. What I am certain of is the fact this administration has perfected the art of manipulating this built in incompetence for their parties political gain. The negligence within the IRS, NSA, the Justice Department, the State Department, the White House, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the federal court system in general, perks allowed a president, all have been exploited to the maximum at the dismay of many and the irrefutable cost to the nation. As a nation, until now we have understood government is for the good of all. What many are starting to wake up and realize is as of five years ago, that philosophy ended and we now have a leadership which bases all decisions national and international on party gain, not American societal gain. You can choose not to believe it as many did about Obama Care but when it reaches up and bites you in the ass, you will know I was correct in my perception. What should disturb us more is the danger it is placing on us and our allies, especially Israel. The current deal being contemplated with Iran is nothing more than political posturing and a international nuclear security give away meant to focus the nations attention away from ObamaCare.
David, how does common sense find a nation?