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Ho Humm Debate

The Democrat debate was a clear disappointment. Many wanted to see a confrontation and differentiation between candidates. Instead we saw a unity council for Democrats intent on advancing their party without harming each other. None of the candidates shined bright. The audience was clearly stacked in favor of Hillary. She came with canned answers for everything. When cornered she blamed the vast right wing conspiracy with co-debaters fanning the air with their face nodding up and down in agreement.
Little was gleaned from the debates, only confirmation the Democrat party has lined up in favor of Hillary. Other wannabes are no more than props waiting in the wings to hold her coat tails. Bernie Sanders was the most articulate against Hillary but capitulated with the notion the Benghazi e-mail issue has no place in the campaign. Four dead Americans including our Ambassador and these potential presidents do not want to know what happened. Forget it and move on was the group think of a hypocrite bunch of challengers.
If our nation buys what this group is selling, our country has already become mired in knee deep bull fertilizer. It is not surprising to witness a Democrat group defend and articulate defiantly the value of life today. Value has been deemed a variable. It matters not if we are talking Benghazi or abortion, it all becomes a relativist position. Relative to how can Democrats gain by what is said, not by truth. All on stage came to the same conclusion,
“the value of a unborn child is whatever the mother says it is”. God and society are left out of any decision. Those human beings who have not yet made the short trip from womb to daylight have become no more than a non-autonomous entity. God’s provision of a soul is incidental. The Democrat-Socialist Party was aptly described by Bernie Sanders who bears more resemblance to telling his version of truth than the leading rival, Hillary.
There is no mystery as to why a self described Socialist-Democrat would be debating on the Democrats stage.They are all, Socialist-Democrats with Bernie coming from a position of directness while the others attempt to camouflage their true colors. Despite the fact Sanders has no chance of capturing the majority vote of the nation, Democrat voters respect his perseverance in calling a red stripped skunk by its true colors.
It is long past due for Americans to grasp, internalize and understand the truth behind the political party position of advancing us into a socialistic society. Democrats seem intent on duplicating socialist experiments as we have in Cuba and Venezuela believing we Americans can do it better. The continual battle against business, a strong military, law enforcement, meritorious promotions, the constitution, God, Christian values, space supremacy, protection of Israel, parenthood, drug proliferation, are only a few of the many, many upheavals we have suffered in the past seven years. Today, progress is measured by how many American virtues we have done away with. America will soon realize the nation we built over 240 years has been reduced in seven short years to a debatable conclusion.
Inanimate objects and not people are responsible for all the bad deeds we are confronted with. From guns to border fences, it is NOT people who are to blame. In an inexplicable paradox, Democrats conclude it is not the left winglets changing America who are responsible for our nations downward slide, it is those damn “right wing conservatives”. People who still believe there is a God, Christian values, support family and a strong military. Conservative who believe in country, self sufficiency and self motivation. What ever charges the naysayers will throw, it is still our responsibility as Americans to distinguish between truth and outright hypocrisy. The 2016 elections can not come soon enough! Let believers pray the nation wakes up.