“Hispanics Rout Trump”

“Hispanics Rout Trump”

Puerto Rican Republicans smashed Donald Trump in Sunday’s Republican Presidential Primary. These normally ignored voters destroyed the oft-stated fiction of Trump’s that he can and will carry the Hispanic vote. It is more than a fiction, it is one more Trump lie. There is absolutely no evidence that Trump can do well with Hispanics. Every reputable poll taken with Hispanics displays total lack of support, less, in fact, than voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, 27 percent.

The Puerto Rico Primary also lays to rest the idea promoted by liberal Democrat Hispanics that Cuban American Marco Rubio cannot draw support from any Hispanics other than from Cuban Americans. Specifically, they posit that Mexican Americans will not support Rubio.

In the 220 voting precincts of Puerto Rico on Sunday a little over 36,000 Puerto Ricans – read HISPANICs — cast votes for candidates for President, for 23 delegates to the Republican National Convention this coming July in Cleveland, Ohio. There’s also the possibility that this vote can influence the migrant Puerto Rican that have left the island in recent years and settled in Florida along the I-40 Corridor stretching from Tampa on the West up through Orlando and to the Atlantic Coast. Some observers say that the I-40 Puerto Ricans are better off than their island relations but, in fact, aren’t Puerto Rican Republican voters probably better off than their Democrat neighbors?

Marco Rubio, Cuban American U.S. Senator from Florida, not only won, he destroyed his three opponents, real estate developer Donald Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

The vote was 27,000 for Rubio (71%), 5,000 for Trump (13%), 3,000 for Cruz (9%) and 516 votes for Kasich. The percentage is important because any winner of the primary with 50 percent or more wins all 23 delegates. That is 23 delegates closer to Donald Trump’s and Ted Cruz’ totals with critical votes coming in Ohio and Florida on March 15. Rubio must win in Florida to (a) remain in contention and (b) to block Trump’s now bumpy path to the Presidential nomination of 1237 delegate votes. With not so successful votes cast for Rubio in caucuses and primaries so far, the Florida Primary is the ball game for Rubio. He must win in Florida and he can if his fellow Cubans turn out and vote for him in numbers to offset the Florida Panhandle where Trump is expected to do well. The key, then is turnout in South Florida, in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

A little help from friends is needed and welcome in the form of anti-Trump ads presented by the nascent “Stop Trump” movement that has finally crystalized. One ad run by American veterans is particularly effective in that it shows an American Prisoner of War in Vietnam while a decorated retired Lt. Colonel defines Trump as being of such a low character that he would have folded in a POW situation. More is needed.

Puerto Rico helps but more important is that the Puerto Rico vote demolishes the fantasy that Donald Trump has been trying to sell; i.e. that he will carry the Hispanic vote. First he bragged that he received 46% of the Nevada Hispanic vote based on a poll months ago by a Florida firm. Two things were wrong with that poll: The poll listed “Hispanics” as a race and Hispanics are not a race, they are an ethnicity, they can be of any race. Secondly, an estimated 20 “self-identified” Hispanics were allegedly polled.

Puerto Rico’s Republican primary, on the other hand, is a real primary with real voters and in this case real Republicans. Marco Rubio’s 71 percent of the Puerto Rican primary vote is absolute proof that Donald Trump has little support among Hispanics. The pathetic 13 percent of Puerto Rican votes for Trump in the Republican Primary is laughable in the face of his claims that he can carry Hispanics.

In the November Election Hispanics (Cubans) in Florida, Mexican Americans in North Carolina, in Colorado and Central/South Americans in Virginia need to vote Republican if the GOP is to have a chance of carrying those states and the election. With 70-80 percent of Hispanics telling pollsters they cannot support Donald Trump he has no chance of winning. Rubio can get many of those voters as he demonstrated in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rican Republicans have let Republicans know that Trump has minimal support among Hispanic Republicans. Conversely, Marco Rubio has large support among them for President. As they are not fellow Cuban Americans of Rubio’s the Puerto Rican vote augers very well for Rubio and is a signal, Rubio supporters hope, of how Florida Hispanics will vote on March 15. If they solidly support Rubio, Trump can be blocked and Rubio may very well have a place on the Republican ticket.