“Hispanics Reject Obamacare”

California Hispanics are shunning President’s Obama’s single most important “achievement,” despite giving him their overwhelming vote in November 2012. Why is that?
We have heard many reports that California Hispanics and all American Hispanics are the least insured population in the country, health insurance that is. But was that ever true? Or was it propaganda from Obama minions in an attempt to slobber up the Hispanic population with another Obama mischaracterization of reality?
As many low-income Hispanics always qualified for Medicaid (in California, Medical) just who among them were uninsured? There is even a special children’s health program for not-so-low-income Hispanic children. So what was the problem?
The answer: The people who made those claims simply cannot tell the difference between Hispanics that are legal U. S. residents and/or citizens and those among them who aren’t legally resident. Los Angeles County alone probably has in excess of three million people illegally present in the country, mostly of Mexican origin but with substantial numbers of Salvadorans and Guatemalans; thus, with millions of similar looking people, one must assume some simply cannot tell the difference between legal and illegal.
One recalls a State of the Union speech of President Obama’s during which Joe Wilson, a South Carolina Congressman, yelled out “You Lie!” in which Obama claimed that illegally present people would not qualify for Obamacare health insurance. Obama was right on paper, but as his minions cannot tell the difference between legal and illegal, no one knows how many illegally present people have signed up or not signed up for Obama insurance.
The congressman went on to raise money with his unprecedented shout-out and gave Democrats ammunition to claim that his outcry was racist, of course, because the White congressman would never have insulted a White President. That cry-babying continues to this day with such out-of-the-loop people like Black activist Jesse Jackson whining that anyone who disagrees with President Obama is a pure racist just like that southern congressman was when he yelled out “You lie!”
So how does anyone explain Hispanics ignoring Obamacare insurance when its sponsors including the President claimed so many Hispanics were running “naked” on health insurance?
We know from surveys by the California Nurses Association that illegally present Hispanics never used health facilities like emergency rooms to the extent legal residents did and do. Were they healthier to begin with? Actually, infant birth and survival rates were higher among immigrant Hispanic women than among any other group because these women, illegals included, were healthier by virtue of not drinking alcohol and/or smoking tobacco products or street narcotics.
Certainly, also, there is a hangover from the White-run California 1994 experiment in attempting to set up a race-based police state that would have turned school and hospital minimum-wage clerks into immigration officers with the ability to declare anyone they thought was an illegal alien, illegal. That decision would have prevented children from attending statute-required school or using hospital emergency rooms even in emergencies.
There are plenty of California Hispanics who remember that attempt at Know-Nothing fascism. They are joined by Hispanics in Arizona who were temporarily terrorized by Arizona’s SB 1070 law that allowed warrantless arrests of anyone looking Mexican, until, of course, the U.S. Supreme Court threw most of the law out as uncosntitutional.
Abuelitas (grandmothers) have long memories.
Now, President Obama who leads the world in deportations of people without criminal records expects Hispanics to sign up with his government for health insurance or Medicaid while he is busy deporting mothers forcing their children into foster care or to live on the streets. Why should any Hispanics trust President Obama and his “signature” program?
Despite their overwhelming support of the man who lied to everyone – “IF YOU LIKE YOUR PLAN, YOU CAN KEEP IT!” – Hispanics are not flooding the Obama insurance exchanges. Adding to the problem, the Spanish-language web site organized by incompetent thieves has not worked. It was flubbed up by the same people who flubbed up the entire English-language system. What they have produced is not in proper Spanish. So, go figure why Hispanics are ignoring Obamacare.
In Oregon, with a substantial agriculture-based Hispanic population, there is no web site to use in English, much less in Spanish. One hundred sixty millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent in Oregon and there is no system up and running. Not a single person has been able to enter the Obama health insurance system through the non-existent web site.
Hispanics are ignoring President Obama’s health insurance scheme, so are young healthy men and women. Recent surveys indicate the majority of all Americans think Obamacare (ACA) is a bad law.
One California Democrat legislator has introduced legislation that will permit people here illegally to receive Obamacare “benefits.” One has to notice that President Obama didn’t offer a large “No” to this legislator, nor did the Nancy Pelosi’s of the country.
The law itself may not be “bad” but its execution is. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) staff has informed us that 30 million or more will not have health insurance after ten years, of implementation. That alone says more about the law than political criticisms that abound in this political season. The word for it is failure. Hispanics en masse are ignoring the law we call Obamacare, theyknow failure when they see it.