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Hispanic Business News Coverage To Be Found Only In La Prensa Hispana Newspaper

Maricela Garcia/La Prensa Hispana


Quote from Board of Supervisors Proclamation: “Let it be known, that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Riverside recognizes the importance of reaching this vital and growing segment of the market, and, further, salutes the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for its groundbreaking work on this underestimated economic engine.

Dated this 20th of May, 2005.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley officially opened its’ doors to the public with a fiesta celebration at their office, 45102 Smurr St., Indio. Live music from the lively duo of “Los Galantes,” musica de Veracruz and the nostalgic songs of the trio “Los Bohemios” kept everyone tapping their feet. Many Hispanic Chamber supporters aware of the Billion dollar Hispanic market in the Coachella Valley stopped by to acknowledge the need to systematically address this burgeoning potential revenue for all the Hispanic Chamber members.

Dignitaries from across the Coachella Valley and beyond sent emissaries or attended personally. Recognition certificates were presented by Senator Jim Battin personally who was accompanied by his staff, Kim Glassman and Susan Crawford. Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia also recognized the occasion. Mary Brhel also attended representing Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia’s office. County Supervisor Roy Wilson authored a “Proclamation”. Legislative Assistant Denys Arcuri accompanied by Leticia DeLara performed the honors.

Coachella Mayor Jessie Villareal officially opened the event with a blessing and words of inspiration for the attendees.

Food was catered and prepared on site by Taqueria Ixtlan and by the Rincon Norteno. Additional food was prepared by Susan Salazar to the delight of all those attending. This no charge function was an introduction to an innovative chamber whose main function is to increase advertising and customers for all of its members. Many new members were brought in and will take advantage of (two 1/8th pages) 31.5 free La Prensa Hispana newspaper column inches and all subsequent advertising at half-price. Also available will be the availability to insert 5,000 flyers into La Prensa Hispana Newspaper for a minimal fee of $35 dollars. La Prensa Hispana newspaper, the official Hispanic Chamber of Commerce print media will prepare a once per month insert with business news from all Hispanic Chamber members.

All Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley members will receive advertorial, publication of their press releases and image representation at various intervals during every month. See photos in Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley special section.