Hall of Fame “Lighthouse Awards” at DSUSD

Desert Sands Unified School District bids a fond farewell to Amy Ammons, retiring after 19 years and honors Don Brady, Blanche Ramirez and Ramon “Ray” Villalobos.

The Hall of Fame Lighthouse Awards were held this week to honor exemplary leaders within the Desert Sands Unified School District. The “welcome” was initiated by Amy M. Ammons, Board President who was also honored for her 19 years of contribution to the School District and is now retiring from the Desert Sands School Board..

The three persons honored with Hall of Fame Lighthouse Awards and a “Proclaimation” were Don Brady, a teacher and coach in the Desert Sands School District since 1976. He serves on various committees at Palm Desert High School and in his carreer, has earned the title of High School Teacher of the Year. Don Brady still continues to encourage and motivate staff, teachers and students on a daily basis.

Ramon “Ray” Villalobos, who lived in Indio his entire life was recognized Posthumously for his tireless dedication as a volunteer at Indio High School since 1970. He became a full time booster and was totally committed to the students and the community. Ray was honored for “Service Above Self”.

Blance Ramirez who currently serves as Executive Specialist for the Desert Sands Unified School District was honored with a ‘Proclamation”. She began her carreer in 1984, she has been promoted four times and her numerous acheivements in the District have resulted in her selection as the District’s Confidential Employee of the Year in 2006. Blance has always been a shining light in the Desert Sands and is truly considered an unsung hero. Her proclamation reads, “In sincere appreciation of your generous and giving spirit, dedication and hard work, and philantrophic endeavors that benefit students, staff, and our community”.

There were many dignitaries present who participated including board members, city officials and elected representatives.

Photos of the event by Ana Rascon Vasquez