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Governance by Memo

It is important to note there is no executive order by the president regarding immigration. Obamagration is nothing more than anti constitutional political gerrymandering sidestepping congress and endearing a huge segment of naive Latinos.
Obama has changed the legality of deportation through “memos” issued at his behest. Making law through memo is a first for this country. A deplorable invalidation of the three equal branches of governance. As Americans and defenders of freedoms we have fought wars to preserve, it is unconscionable to believe we have so casually rolled over and allowed the infringement and violation of our country’s forming document to be so easily wadded up and tossed into the bin of irrelevance.
Our guiding principles no longer have teeth. We elected a president able to morph his way around our legal system using nothing more than glib, race, political clout, connivance and gerrymandering to strip our duly elected representatives of their constitutional authorities. Granted, Democrat representatives aligned with the president willingly, abdicated their duties as legislators and willingly endorsed the presidents usurpation.
The legality of changing or making law through executive orders by the president is a mute point. How can a court address something which has not occurred. There is no such executive order, only the magical wave from a self appointed monarch, the spoken word through use of a willing media, a stern lecture given from the peoples house and a meek melding of our duly elected representatives who think more about preserving their jobs than preserving our nation.
A congressional challenge demanding relief through threat of impeachment for insubordination, violation of the presidential oath and the stripping of funding is not in the making. Our nation is not familiar with our constitutional document which has held firm for 239 years but few have bothered to read or understand.
Americans have fallen victims of a film flam performance being applauded by Democrat congressional representatives . American voters pretend to know their representatives and truly believe they are working for the peoples interests. America does not comprehend a political agenda against our constitution and our best national interest. Obama had two years to implement immigration reform legally through legislation without a single Republican vote needed. He chose not to, instead opting for a power grab destined to reset the guidelines of presidential powers. The boundaries have been forever changed, inching our way forward towards a socialistic governance never before experienced by our nation.
While there should be consequences for the dishonesty, for intentional misrepresentation, for abdication of the responsibilities of protecting our nation, for coercion, for violation of a sworn oath of office and for intentionally using taxpayers to fund political power schemes intended to buy future voters, there will be none.
Media, once the watch dog of the nation has been tamed and is now the service dog for the administration. The media now works in unison with political operatives intent on chastising patriots and resistant citizens who want their country back. While many would take this statement as ridiculous at face value, you have only to look at breaking scandals which have weaved their way into the news mostly from the independent press. These include the deceptions by the IRS, fast and furious gun running by the Justice Department, Benghazi, side deals with our enemy Iran and a host of contrary directions which have harmed our national interests. Our own highly politicized Justice Department has turned a blind eye.
As we head into a new year, Latinos are enthralled by what they believe is a breakthrough in immigration reform. Memos can be taken back but the fear of voter retribution will hold back a Republican led congress from doing what needs to be corrected. Immigration reform has been placed as a priority to address the 12 million illegally here but also to address the unconstitutionality of legislation through presidential memo. Undocumented Latinos have a desire to become legal citizens which must be addressed. But, it is a priority for legal American citizens to address the defense of the founding document which has enabled our freedoms, our civil rights and our cherished protections. The preservation of the basis for being America is not a choice, it is mandatory to remain free. The world has over the centuries recognized the United States as the North Star, the beacon of freedom, the land of the free.
The advent of Republicans taking control of Congress may seem to be an answer,but it is not, Republicans as well as Democrat legislators have the same priority; staying in power! There are a few who do not merit such comparison but as Morgan Freeman has said; “ if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up & wear it”.