“Good ol Boys” Rally Against Women VP Candidate Palin

Marisela Garcia

La Prensa Hispana

It did not take long before the “good ol boy” network banded together to destroy another woman intent on government leadership. The XIX Amendment to the United States Constitution which gave the women the right to vote in 1920 states:

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

The good ol boys still harboring testosterone overdose genetically passed on from the Neanderthal age, interpret the word “sex” in the eighty-eight year old 19th amendment as only permission to act out their wild fantasies. Their interpretation of the amendment is the premise there is nothing in it giving women the right of presidential level leadership as has been evident for almost a century. The shame of it is there are plenty of women who support male dominated leadership to the extreme.

Describing the Governor of Alaska as “the cheerleader of the West” or the “stewardess” before launching into a litany or reasons why she is not qualified to be the Vice President including the fact she has five children is in fact contemptuous. Having children has never been a hindrance for male candidates nor those who support male dominance such as Nancy Pelosi who has five children also or Biden himself who touts about being a single father.

Having candidate Obama and candidate Biden assume a position of holiness by supposedly staying above the fray publically; denouncing such tactics, while their mudslinging operatives are working over-time, charging in full force against Palin is sexist and dishonest to the extreme. Their tongue and cheek labeling of Palin, as the “Mayor of Wasilla,” instead of the sitting Governor of the State Alaska is only a minute example of Obama’s and Biden’s contempt for powerful women. Give the woman her due! In perspective, running for president with a history of 140 working days in office as a senator for Obama or 36 years sitting on a committee deciding absolutely nothing for Biden is not much to brag about; Although, they both spin a tale suitable for inclusion in the “Gladiator” movie.

Women who watched their candidate Hillary Clinton, despite 18 million votes get relegated to the back of the bus should now understand the tremendous powerful influence of the “good ol boys” who run Washington and their cohorts.

The Democrat party is attempting to white-wash the fact Biden is a 36 year committee sitting fixture in Washington, with laughable claims he is actually from Delaware and part steel-worker from Pennsylvania. The Democrat party is also attempting to camouflage the “good ol boy” duo with smoke and mirrors rivaling the opening scenes of the Olympics.

It should not in America take twenty four years for another woman to reach the top of the ticket as Geraldine Ferraro did in 1980’s but that is exactly what happens when the “good ol boys” keep them down and women in media cower and support the trend. You do not hear anything from the women’s movement in reference to Palin and that is likely due to the cozy relationship many woman activists have with the Democrat party with many of them in cozy relationships meant to advance party politics, not women.

Women outnumber men in the United States. But, they will never be in a leadership position unless they hold the “good ol boys” accountable for their snide remarks, their consistent destruction of good independent women leaders and their ability to garner the mass support of the American voters.

This election is more than a test of the ubiquitous Neanderthal gene, it is also a test of the American voter to see the reality of how far we have advanced as a civilization.

Was Sarah Palins’ speech at the convention a hit?? It certainly was but it will be as meaningless as any of Hillary Clintons’ great moments as soon as the media, subservient women, the “Good ol boys” and Democrat spin masters stir their massive smoke and mirror campaign that will rival the force of Katrina. Women, consider yourself fore-warned !