Gimme’ the Scissors

September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

California lawmakers have not gotten the word yet, “California is broke”! I received a stream of bills passed by the Democrat controlled Assembly most of them on green issues. All of them entail spending more taxpayer money to make life better for Californian’s. Good thought, but show me the money.

At a time when every single person living in California has a relative who cannot find work, green jobs sound wonderful, but where are they? Military personnel use the term “green weenie” to elucidate on good intentions gone bad. Californians despite being open minded enough to accept the premise of green power, are starting to see all these green this and green that as nothing more than variations of the infamous “green weenie”.

Send me a stack of greenbacks and I promise to take shorter showers.

I noticed today that California Democrats by a huge margin control the State Assembly, the State Senate, all the major State office leadership positions and have both California Federal Senators in their ranks. I now understand why they have Arnold Schwarzenegger a Republican as the governor. In good times, they take the praise and in bad times they have Arnold facing the accusatory, you guessed it, “green weenie”. We sent the Terminator in to clean this mess up but you cannot cut a hole out of a blanket which is exactly the only solution advanced by party leaders. You have a hole, simple, cut it out with a bigger hole. Sounds reasonable enough for a Yale or Harvard graduate, now why is it not working? We need to advance this philosophy to the national level, then we will most certainly see the fruit of the loom so to speak.

Most of us do not know China owns 25% of Americas GNP accumulated debt from our constant international borrowing to continue cutting bigger holes. Never mind extending this philosophy nationally, I think it is already there. Hey, give China the Hummer, who needs to build it in America.

I am extremely hopeful. I recall a quote, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”, and on April 29th our President said “We’ve begun the work of remaking America.” I am glad because next year I am buying myself a brand new, shiny red Pontiac convertible and I am going to blaze a trail. What do you mean they are gone?.