Al Vasquez/La Prensa Hispana

Politically motivated, General Wesley Clarkes true colors came to light as he demeaned Senator John McCain’s service to his country. In his eagerness to showcase the fact he was a General and McCain was not command material. Clarke’s pomposity was only outdone by his arrogant dismissal of service to country by millions of veterans; Veterans who did not ever assume command but nevertheless were the backbone of military units across the world in peace and war.

Clarke erroneously put forth the notion, worthiness of service comes only through command decision authority. What an asinine conjecture! Acts of integrity, compassion, courage, heroics on the field of battle or sacrifice that enriched, encouraged, saved, taught, empowered others to excel or survive are rendered meaningless by Wesley Clarke.

Wesley disregards the fact rank is not the measure of your military worth, but rather your character in the face of challenge is the true measure.. What matters is not how many men you had in your command but rather how the men you served with will remember you long after your sworn tour of duty to country has been fulfilled. What will matter is not your memories of service to country but rather the memories you have instilled in the minds of those you served with.

Rank, ribbons, medals, are meaningless, they are destined to fade but the choices you made, the choices of honor, duty, service, integrity and obligation to your fellow men will last far beyond our own life. These are character traits passed on to family, offspring and future generations which will spring forth on battlefields with little cognizance of where they came from.

Wesley Clarke may be a general, but he is a little man, of little consequence with a lot to learn about honor and life. Living a life of honor does not happen by accident, it is a matter of choice. John McCain chose to be in that cage in Vietnam, as a prisoner of war for five years rather than leave his men behind. Despite the torture!

John McCain has chosen to live a life that matters, General Clarke seems to be content on chasing a wild hare, giving lip service and disparaging all veterans duty to our nation.

No, I was not a general either, but I am a former Marine and my service to country means more than any generals misplaced importance of rank and command authority.

Get a life Wesley, apologize to the millions of veterans who served their nation honorably despite the fact they never had “command authority” and thank God veteran Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard and Reserves no longer have to serve under your command.

I for one am supporting John McCain because I already know who will remember him and for what, president or not!