Today, Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia met with Mexico President Felipe Calderon at the State Capitol before he addressed the full legislature. President Calderon was in Sacramento to further strengthen the California/Mexico border partnership.

During his address to the legislature the President spoke of how he intends to curb the mass exodus of Mexican nationals into the United States by investing billions of dollars into the Mexican economy and infrastructure. Currently, many of Mexico’s best and brightest are leaving the country at a rapid rate with the hopes of a better future in the United States. By creating quality jobs and a stable economy in Mexico, Mexican nationals won’t feel forced to leave the country to attain their dreams.

Additionally, the President spoke of partnering with California to reduce pollutants his country is putting into the air. To confirm his commitment, officials from the United Mexican States’ Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources and California’s Environmental Protection Agency signed an MOU to improve cross-border collaboration on environmental protection.

“I strongly support President Calderon’s efforts to create a stronger economy and brighter future for all of Mexico,” said Garcia. “Living in the border region I can assure you pollutants know no borders. We need to work together with Mexico to protect the environment for everyone.”