Freedom is a Choice not a Condition

This 4th of July week, it would be good to consider what America has stood for since 1775 when independence, freedom from England was declared. Since we are on the verge of accepting another Monarchy, though not officially asserted it is wise to place our governance in perspective.
In this week’s poll, one third of the nation declared Obama to be the worst president since WWII. Unfortunately, despite the Supreme Court reversing 12 of his decisions, 4 just this past week, Obama seems to not get it. He has declared war on the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, Republicans and specifically the tea party while vowing to continue changing the laws through executive orders, without congressional action. Obama has already changed the healthcare law 63 times without legislation and is now intent on amnesty through executive order. This is a power he simply does not have and is a significant reason House Speaker Boehner has decided to sue the president, an unprecedented move. Immigration reform is needed as legislative law not as a ploy for democrat votes.
Since the Justice Department is controlled by Eric Holder an Obama ally and the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid, another Obama ally, little traction can be held towards resolving the president’s abuse of power. Democrat legislative members, who work exclusively for the party, do not see a problem in having them declared irrelevant by the president. If that be the case, why do we need them? Our founding fathers intentionally drafted the constitution with three equal branches to prevent a dictatorship and usurpation of power.
For our president to intentionally usurp the authority of the two other branches then claim “they” have overstepped their boundaries is indicative of a total ineptness of reason. This reminds me of a poet in the 17th century, a nun by the name of Juana Inez de la Cruz who would articulate: “inept, stupid men often accuse women of misdeeds without reason, never accepting nor understanding the fact they are the direct reason and cause of any perceived misconduct”. Three hundred and fifty years later, we are still dealing with the same mindsets, the same arrogance and the same misperception of reality. Cause and effect as viewed through the political lens is nothing more than farcical posturing to lull the low information voters who believe everything he speaks. Eyes are worthless to a blind mind.
As in the Hobby Lobby case, many low information die hard are confusing a protection from the consequences with the protection of freedoms. Basic freedoms have nothing to do with American taxpayers paying for abortions. While Hobby Lobby honors 16 out of the 20 contraceptives available, only the unreasonable would declare there has been a significant denial. Setting religious beliefs and politics aside, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of real freedoms, not orchestrated giveaways created by this administration to keep specific segments of the misinformed on his party’s side. In Mexico, low information voters are bought off at the polls by a political party with a sandwich. We in America are not too distant from that reality. The pay offs are not necessarily sandwiches but a payoff all the same. In the Hobby Lobby case, free contraceptives and abortions.
We are being accused of having little reverence to pedigree since our president is a “constitutional professor”. Wow, if our president is indeed a constitutional professor and all these unconstitutional mandates are aggressively flying around, we must open our eyes and realize this is an intentional corruption of our freedoms and puts in jeopardy our independence. We broke away from one king and queen and we have no need to experience royalty again. That would be a sublime madness of the soul. Happy 4th of July week!