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Freedom Has Many Stages

As a nation we have become “dumbed down”, we no longer understand the Constitution’s system of separation of powers. In today’s America there exists a political party who believes enough time has passed for our nation to be able to consolidate power. Liberal elites argue a consolidation of power is now safe for America and far from preventing tyranny through the separation of powers, it is only impeding the implementation of brilliant ideas. Since the Obama first election, we have been told opposition to the presidents socialistic agenda constitutes a dysfunction; Republicans are acting only as obstructionists, insisting on following the mandates of the constitution. Numerous editorials have been written by mainstream media accusing conservatives of holding the nation hostage. Invalidating the constitution is proclaimed to be perfectly acceptable since Obama won. We are to unravel, unwind and redirect the principles of the constitution based on pure political whim. If this is the current contention of our nation, we are in deeper trouble than is perceptually apparent. Liberal media in partnership with Obama, in heated rhetoric blame the inadequacy of our three branches of government for having reached an impasse on so many issues. The recalcitrant, petulant child attempting to dismantle our constitution through flowery, one way discourse bitterly makes his point he is not being allowed to take the country further to the left. The president resents the fact he is not given total free reign to change our nation according to his credo of appeasement, vacillation, divisiveness and punishment of the nation we have become in 240 years.
Obama stresses the fact he was a “constitutional professor” therefore has intimate knowledge of what he speaks. We should rather be wary of the fact with such intimate knowledge of the constitution he is also aware of where the constitutional bolts are to collapse a system of three equal branches of government specifically designed to prevent “tyranny”.
The Constitutional Convention of 1787 led by James Madison was keenly aware the three branches of power would at times set one branch of government against another. All were convinced the accumulation of power in the hands of one branch of government would inherently lead to tyranny. Madison allowed no exception and expressed this was necessitated not only in his era but henceforth. In 1788, Madison contended “ it may be a reflection on human nature that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government”. There was no opposition to his logic and time has proven he was absolutely correct . The only opposition voiced at the time was the consideration checks and balances were not strong enough. Governance is a force of responsibility to be shared equally.
Today, the president is super critical the legislative branch is not following his dictates and passing laws “HE” wants. Laws which have push back from both sides of the isle for a variety of reasons.
For several years Obama has been consistent in wanting to invalidate the “Second Amendment” of the Constitution. It is not up to any president to rewrite or invalidate any portion of the constitution without agreement from the people and all three branches of government. Through Executive Order, Obama again made strides to prevent citizens from their right to bear arms. He alluded to atrocities caused by guns never mentioning the fact most of the atrocities were the direct result of a Muslim religious philosophy he takes great pains to protect.
Obama is infatuated with the fact “he won”. We are to shut up and obey. He laments the fact we are not allowing him to do his job. His job is to adhere to the constitution! Relinquishing our claim to a democratic society leads to tyranny and imperial socialism. Hillary is more of the same, an Obama II side show.