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Election Numbers Coachella Valley

Election Primaries are over. A look behind the numbers reveals vulnerabilities to be exploited for the November elections.
Coachella Valley, races revealed much of voter sentiments. For the Riverside County Supervisors race, John Benoit trounced his opponent by a wide margin of 58.28% for Benoit vs. 41.72% for Perez, over 7,000 votes. For many, this just could not happen since 51% of the Coachella Valley is Latino. Clue! Perez has not visited the ONLY bilingual newspaper in the Coachella Valley and the ONLY Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the Coachella Valley since 2008. Yes, that was 6 years ago, indicative of a much wider problem. Perez stated publicly “I need more than the Latino community to win”! Obviously but you need conservative elements of the voting Latino community to be credible in any race. John Benoit who speaks Spanish is reminiscent of the “Holy Ghost”, (you find him everywhere) easily waltzed into another term in office. Congressman Ruiz has taken a similar path in avoiding the conservative factions of the Latino community. Courting his “gente” leading up to November will now be a shallow gesture of “si se puede” after this writing has been plastered on the wall.
Brian Nestande challenging Ruiz works closely with the Latino community and is definitely in this dog fight leading to November. Taking a look behind the numbers we see Nestande and the other Republican candidate garnered 49.8% of the votes as opposed to Ruiz, 50.20%. Percentages can be deceiving. We are only talking of “272” total votes of separation! Nestande can win this congressional seat. Democrats from national organizations will flood the Ruiz campaign with MILLIONS of dollars to ascertain the freshman “me too” candidate stays to support the Pelosi, Reid, Obama agenda. Perhaps the only doctor in the United States who believes as Nancy Pelosi, “Obama care is beautiful”. The 36th Congressional District is definitely up for grabs!
The 56th Assembly District pitting a seasoned politician Eduardo Garcia against new comer Republican Charles Bennett has been ignored by Republican strategists as a no win district due to lopsided numbers favoring the Democrats. Disparity in numbers are touted from 10,000 to 12,000. Taking a close look at the results, we see Garcia received 53.28% of the votes as opposed to Bennett, 46.72%. Translation, this amounts to only 1,287 votes. Where is the 12,000 vote disparity? Granted, 1,287 votes can be a significant number but only 10% of what Republicans have stuck in their head. Bennett managed to come this close to Garcia spending only $7,000 of his own money! The campaign for the 56th Assembly District is far from over and will be lost only if Republicans roll over and play dead as has been the case in the previous two election cycles.
The 28th Senate campaign has been contentious. It clearly demonstrates how two organized, well funded males can devastate their only female opponent. Both Miller and Stone aggressively and maliciously took on their female Republican counterpart and cared less about the perception. Six out of every ten mailers from Stone and Miller were disgustingly anti female and reflect a total lack of respect for the truth and human values. We have male candidates who would rather be a Senator than incorporate integrity and honesty into their political agenda.
Mike Hestrin beat out incumbent County District Attorney Zellerbach who has a host of legal problems. Ken Young well deservedly won County Superintendent of Education decisively by 46,000 votes. The 42 Assembly District will likely go to a Republican having combined out voted the democrat, 23,829 votes to 16,229. At this point, it appears a very respectable candidate who led a clean campaign; Chad Mayes will be the one.
Yes, America is transitioning to “smart phones” but they work best in the hands of smart people! Election, November 2014 will be your IQ test.