“El Presidente Obama es un mentiroso sin vergüenza.” President Obama Lies and is Shameless

Imagine my surprise when NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) came on Saturday and we didn’t see a raucous skit sticking a fork into what is left of President Obama’s “charisma.” He and his supplicants must have sent a case of scotch (and a kilo of Crack cocaine) to the buffoon Mayor of Toronto, Canada, for he was the butt of SNL’s opening parody not Obama.
Later in the program SNL presented a mild parody of Obama but like Obama, it was shameless because it didn’t hit a homerun with the pitch down the middle Obama gave us during his ridiculous press conference Thursday forced on him by fellow Democrats including Bill Clinton who speaks for his wife Hillary Clinton; she fancies herself President in 2017.
SNL forfeited its claim to be the premier network of parody and criticism of politicos. Unless, that is, one thinks the Mayor of Toronto rates higher in the world of political parody than the President of the United States.
But NBC’s SNL is not alone in its soft approach to a President whom it so admires simply because he exists. CBS recently stubbed its toe when it – I think purposefully – ran an unsupported piece on the Benghazi atrocity that President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have buried from the American people.
CBS produced a “60 Minutes” piece hosted by a well-liked reporter that featured a Brit (Dylan Davies) who apparently lied about the deadly attack on our consulate and CIA station in Benghazi. He disappeared when it was revealed he had told the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a totally different story a few days after the attack that killed our Ambassador and three other Americans.
The question is, did CBS intentionally present a lie to discredit people demanding to know what happened that night in Benghazi and/or the White House; as well as what the President and/or Hillary Clinton were doing during the attack? Did CBS intentionally “throw” the issue by presenting an easily proven lie by in an effort to help President Obama and Hillary Clinton?
Are these misfires by NBC/SNL and CBS coincidental?
Neither CBS nor NBC, have demonstrated any streak of independence in covering President Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They worked overtime to discredit George W. Bush and backed off only when caught in their obvious efforts to falsely charge Bush.
CBS’s top reporter and Managing Editor of its network news, Dan Rather was unable to prove its charge that George W. Bush received favorable treatment by the Texas Air National Guard. Rather was fired. He sued and lost.
So, now we have NBC/SNL easing UP on President Obama who has been caught flat-footed lying to the American people (How many times? “If you like your health insurance, you will keep it. If you like your doctor, you will keep him. Period.)
This, while millions of Americans are being canceled by their health insurers because Obama’s little bureaucrats working for the most incompetent Cabinet secretary in history –K. Sibelius – have decided their policies are “junk” and “sub-par.”
Joining NBC in treating Obama kindly, is CBS in reporting false stories intent on discrediting critics of Obama/Clinton over an obvious policy and military catastrophe that caused the first Ambassador since Jimmy Carter’s man was killed in 1979 to die in Benghazi while Obama and Clinton were incommunicado.
Why has no reporter asked President Obama in one of his press conferences what he was doing while Americans were dying in Benghazi, Libya?
Why has no reporter asked Press Secretary Carney how the FBI report of the “60 Minutes” lying Brit’s Benghazi interview managed to find its way out of the J. Edgar Hoover Building into the hands of reporters?
While at it, why has no reporter asked President Obama who gave the order to round-up and deport people stopped for traffic violations who might have entered the country illegally; deported in record numbers, by the way?
Who ordered the now departed Interior Secretary Salazar to cut oil and gas drilling permits on federal property to record lows, cutting oil/gas production even as we import from nations that hate us like Venezuela?
And, lastly, exactly who ordered then House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to ignore Barack Obama’s 2008 promise to Hispanics that he would pass comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in office (when he had Democrat majorities in the House and Senate)?
Calling the President a liar is difficult for gentlemen but when he is caught lying over three dozen times on the issue of health insurance and he evades the issue and continues to lie, he must also be charged with being shameless, “sin verguenza.” ###

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