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Eduardo Garcia Takes Office As Coachella Mayor

Effective today, Eduardo Garcia takes office as the new mayor for the City of Coachella. He has appeared all of this week on the television program “Abriendo Puertas en la Comunidad” where he outlined his plans for the city.

Garcia has resolved to stay in touch with the community and to stay focused on principled development. City parks were an issue during the campaign and Garcia intends to promote a healthy environment in regards to parks, recreation and family recreational areas.

A prime reason Garcia was elected by over 60 percent of the vote is his connection to the community. His visits to the Senior Center and community organizations in Coachella will continue where he will seek input from the residents.

Eduardo Garcia extends a “Thank You” to all who have the confidence in him to be the Mayor of Coachella and seeks the opportunity to serve all of the residents. Garcia sends greetings for the Holiday Season and looks forward to working with the rest of the City Council for the betterment of the City of Coachella.