Dr. Ruiz Audio Speech Praising Revolutionaries Surfaces

David Moya

Media listened to an audio tape Thursday afternoon in a packed room listening to Dr. Ruiz, Congressional candidate give praises to Subcomandante Marcos long recognized as a Marxist revolutionary and Leonard Peltier convicted of killing two FBI agents. He briefly referenced Maria , convicted of murdering a Philadelphia police officer. Ruiz gave his speech in Plymouth Rock. “Today we are breaking the chains that have us under the reign of the oppressors. Today we are breaking the political myth of Thanksgiving.” Ruiz was in support of a rally in Chapas, he read a letter from the Zapatista Army For National Liberation, Zapatista Liberation Nationale, October 1999 from Zapatista Subcommandante Marcos. Ruiz references the “over whom the bane United States has risen”. He accuses the United States of jailing and torturing Leonard Peltier, a Lakota Indian. Ruiz was introduced as “our friend and our good companero”. One Latino member of the media present said, “this is very disturbing because we may be Hispanic but many of us are veterans and respect the rule of law. It is inconceivable to assume Latinos support revolutionaries convicted of murdering law enforcement. This is not about supporting Native Americans anymore, it is about supporting Marxism and electing a Congressional candidate who thinks in this revolutionary way”.