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Lecture at UCSB-Palm Desert Campus<!--:-->

Dr. Enrique Jacome Presents Lecture at UCSB-Palm Desert Campus

Ana Vasquez/
La Prensa Hispana

Dr. Jacome is credited with being the first surgeon in Riverside County to perform a “robotic” surgery. Now associated with Eisenhower Medical Center, where he was selected as “Physician Of the Year” in 2012. He was also selected as “Physician of the Year” by the International Council of the Hispanic Awards in 2012.
There were many nursing students who attended the lecture.
Using the Da Vinci System, Dr. Jacome has performed over 480 robotic surgeries. Dr. Jacome presented a very interesting and detailed discussion about robotic surgery, the pros and cons and a detailed discussion associated with the process including the surgeons view of a reversed image on the screen, micro tools and the fact the surgeon still guides the robot.
Robotic surgery is not the same as laparoscopic surgery. One major difference is the ability to swivel instruments much like a wrists movement giving more precision for complicated surgeries.
The audience had a question and answer period where more details were learned including the fact Robotic surgery is not faster, it is much more detailed, it has a much longer relearning curve for Doctors and the number of scheduled surgeries remains relatively the same. The huge benefit is in patients recovery rates with less tissue damage, precision, enlarged images Dr’s can use to pinpoint details. It also eliminates the need for sponges inside patients, large clamps and reduces bleeding.
Present at the event was ardent supporter of UCSB, Riverside County Supervisor, John Benoit (pictured with Dr. Jacome) Dr. Jacome’s family was present in the audience including his parents sister and brother in law with Supervisor Benoit, picture on page 2.