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Don’t Abandon American Values

Many of us, since the election of Obama and his league of sycophant supporters including our own congressman, have been suffering the wind of our nations frustration. The fertile fields of freedom and the nourishing crop of individual potential have been blown away; into the dust bowl of empty hopes. Now we also have totally inept response to international threat.
We can choose to blame those we have elected but the greater blame belongs to us for the naïveté in which we gullibly accept every nuance of deceit. Ardent supporters of income distribution, socialistic schemes, race baiting, anti law enforcement stances, clear anti Israel political posturing, diminishment of our military forces, continued attempts to force a one branch of government leadership, tongue in cheek violations of our constitution and a suave casual dismissal of Judea Christian principles in support of Islamic virtues is baffling. Supporters of such diametrically opposite renditions of our constitution are missing the safety valve which allows for the release of toxic thinking before exposing our nation to irreversible harm. Ignorant rants disguised as political posturing is commonly accepted as only misplaced reasoning when in reality we are witnessing a shrewd manipulation of our American nature; fairness and ingrained willingness to accept our leaderships words as truth.
As a nation we have yet to reach the point where we recognize we have a political party committed to giving substance to shadows with concerted repetition of fabrications which rules by equivocation. Today’s lies are quickly passed on as tomorrow’s truth. We witness massive scandals daily, such as IRS, Benghazi , false negotiations with Iran, misinformation about the economy, unemployment, the oil pipeline, the sending of Democrat political operatives to Israel to campaign against our only faithful ally in the Middle East, all these and more are quickly filed into the recesses of our national mind. Our astute leadership understands short term memory and this very American condition now leading to our own demise.
The very nature of what makes us decent human beings versus intentional manipulation of our inner good has led to our individual personal war within. Do we follow our constitutional precepts, unworkable against unethical, manipulative politicians or do we begin to question a political leadership intent on running our freedoms aground? We are finding despite elections and coming together to express our common intent that what is not common in today’s leadership is common sense.
Mankind has learned over centuries that subjugation under ANY religion is counter to individual freedoms. We know this; yet our leadership is turning a deaf ear to the violent and very specific Islamic religious threats which have already arrived on our soil. They threaten to evolve and totally disrupt our peace in favor of religious dogma. No human being should suffer through this again. Whippings, beheadings, burning at the stake have no place in any civilized society.
The Middle Ages religious tyranny still torment the world. Are we so fundamentally unconscious, able to accept religious fanatics who believe death towards any opposing view is the only solution? Are we so fundamentally unconscious to not see a leadership who by piecemeal is serving us a plate of theoretical acceptance of unadulterated death to our way of life? You start by not acknowledging the undeniable. Avoid calling terrorists, terrorists. Refrain from making judgement of pure evil. Invalidate words to the contrary. Ridicule the opposition. Vanquish the political opposition from any country and soon, you will have dimmed the light of the enlightened; the common trait of what we evolve to as responsible human beings. Sometimes man has to be willing to risk their lives and sacred honor to be able to earn the luxury of debating if we were right or wrong. Many have taken that path and the only certainty is no other nation compares. America is not the land for which you want to feel proud, it is the land for which you feel proud without wanting to. Those who do not understand are too naïve to be our elected leaders.