South Carolina’s (1/3rd) GOP voters that voted for Donald Trump live in a fantasy world. That fantasy world is created of sheer by anti-Mexican/Guatemalan/Honduran fantasy verbally declared by a Presidential candidate who does not care that facts do not bear his charges out. Truth is not Trump.

          When I was young we called such a person a loudmouth. Today, it is leading Presidential candidate.

When he announced on June 16, Donald Trump specifically charged that all but “some” Mexicans being forced to come to the United States by the Mexican government were criminals and “rapists.” Then and since he has loudly proclaimed that the illegal alien brought a “crime wave” with him when he and they flooded across the “open border.”

Does he have any facts to back him up? He hasn’t presented any. Why not? Because, he has none.

Here are facts from four border cities that are the most affected cities in the country by people illegally here. Phoenix is used even though it is the furthest from the border because it is the home of famous Trump supporter Sheriff Joe Arpaio, himself under fire for “contempt of court” charges in federal court. These facts contradict not only Trump but Arpaio’s declarations such as Phoenix being the “kidnapping capital” of the country, a charge false when made. Arpaio was wrong, Trump is wrong.

These facts are from Federal Bureau of Investigation Annual Reports on Crime; we compare crime statistics from 2000 and 2013.

Los Angeles – Violent Crimes (2000) 50,242, (2013) 16,524, Minus 67.7%, Murder (2000) 550, (2013) 251, Minus 54%, Rape (2000) 1459, (2013) 764, Minus 47.6%,Robbery (2000) 15,527, (2013) 7885, Minus 49.2%, Aggravated Assault (2000) 32,705, (2013) 7624, Minus 76.6%

San Diego – Violent Crimes (2000) 7160, (2013) 5303, Minus 25.9, Murder (2000) 54, (2013) 39, Minus 27.7%, Rape (2000) 349, (2013) 316, Minus 9.4%, Robbery (2000) 1777 (2013) 1456, Minus 18%, Aggravated Assault (2000) 4980, (2013) 3492, Minus 29.8%

El Paso, TX – Violent Crimes (2000) 4396, (2013) 2522, Murder (2000) 20, (2013) 10, Minus 50%; Rape (2000) 188 (2013) 176, Minus 6.3%, Robbery (2000) 731, (2013) 457, Minus 37.4%, Aggravated Assault (2000) 3457, (2013) 1879, Minus 45.6.

Phoenix, AZ,— Violent Crimes (2000) 9754, (2013) 9492, Minus 2.6%; Murder, (2000) 152, (2013) 118, Minus 22%, Rape (2000) 422, (2013) 635, Plus 50%,Robbery (2000) 3763 (2013) 3233, Minus 14%, Aggravated Assault (2000) 5417 (2013) 5506, Plus 1.6%

The closest cities to the Border, Los Angeles (150 miles north of the border), El Paso (on the border) and San Diego (on the border) with the greatest exposure to illegal border crossers and residents show huge drops in crimes between 2000 and 2013. Phoenix is farther from the border and is the only one of these cities with only a marginal decrease in over-all crime. To repeat, the other three major cities on or near the Mexican border experienced substantial – significant (choose your own word) decreases in violent crime of murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. That is absolute proof that illegal residents do not commit anywhere near the crime critics allege or state as “fact.” How can there be an illegal alien “crime wave” when the very cities where there are large numbers of them have huge-large decreases in crime even as “illegal aliens” – “undocumented migrants” – “illegal workers” —  numbers have increased in the border cities listed here? There is no crime surge of any sort. The opposite is true.

The illegal alien “crime wave” doesn’t exist!

Can any Hispanics support those who believe the charge of an illegal migrant crime wave festering around us when there is no illegal “migrant” crime wave? Can any of them support a lie? Wouldn’t we be the first to know if such a crime wave existed? Isn’t it “de riguer” that ethnic people commit crime against the people around them? Aren’t most White victims of crime violated by fellow Whites? Isn’t that true of Hispanics and Blacks also? It is.

The Truth is that crime rates around the country in cities and states that illegally present people tend to live and work in, have lower crime rates than they have had in 20 to 30 years. The decrease in crime comes when there are more illegally present here than ever.

Yes, all of 3.6% of all people living in the United States are here illegally and there are those that believe they’re being here is a “disaster” as Donald Trump claims and that their “crime wave” is overwhelming the country. They may believe this, but they are wrong because what they believe is a lie.