Disarming  America, Idiocy at its Best

Disarming America, Idiocy at its Best

Dangling Americanization opportunity has become the preferred method for democrats to bring in “hordes” of undocumented immigrants. You can no longer call them “illegal” by order of the Commander in Chief. There has been a intentional deception towards immigration policy allowing the complete fabric of the United States to be forever changed. Perhaps this was the legacy sought by Obama. If not sought, it will nevertheless become a key element of America’s transformation along with the massive seeding of Islam. After the departure of the Obama presidency our nation will have been forever changed. A Hillary presidency will close the door to any conceivable change of direction. Our intention to retain control of our borders has been thwarted at every opportunity. Our process to normalize entry and legalize the 11-14 million illegals now residing in the United States is painted by this administration as racist, un-American and counter to the principles of humanity.
No one of good will wants immigrants to suffer but our negligence to resolve the problem and the continued cries for amnesty only embolden law breakers and encourage those who come to America to do harm. All immigrants see America as the land of opportunity, the quandary is in questioning, “opportunity for what”?
The dangerous downside associated with the humanitarian aspect is the growing trend of terrorists infiltrating into the United States planning to destroy who we are, physically and ideologically. It is estimated three out of every ten refugees from Middle East nations are driven by their destructive desire and their religious need to convert all of Christianity to Allah. There is also the confirmed fact, Muslims from the Middle East do not adapt, Americanize and become
Americans. Just as Latinos, in the United States, only 4 out of every 10 choose to become American citizens. These numbers lead to the question of “why?” since in particular Mexico, you can become an American citizen while retaining Mexican birth rights. In other words, dual citizenship. It leads to the disturbing question of preferred allegiance. The number for Muslims followed for three generations found two out of every ten became “Americanized” after several generations of living here. Their homeland customs and secular endearments are seldom abandoned.
A visit to the border town of San Ysidro, next to Tijuana will allow you to see the “thousands” of non-Mexicans waiting to hop the fence into the United States. They are representative of populations around the world but in particular, the obvious visual majority is shifting towards Muslim populations in Africa, the Middle East, Haiti, Pakistan and Syria. Most are young men.
Non thinking progressives resent talks of a real wall at the Mexico border versus a fence calling it an ugly barrier. Leaving us to surmise terrorist infiltration in their logical perspective is less ugly. The White House recently raised their wall from 8’ to 11.7’. A continuation of unchecked immigration WILL require the White House at some point to have not only higher walls but a moat as well. Expressions of sovereignty by controlling borders is essential in today’s terroristic driven world.
The political arena is replete with nonsense. The Democrat Party is bent on requiring extensive background checks on everybody wanting to purchase a gun, banning certain weapons at will. Politicians regurgitate reams of falsified information about weapons which will only delay any meaningful legislation. There is massive confusion being put forward about weaponry. None of the weapons used in all the recent mass shootings were automatic weapons nor were they AR-15’s as has been repeatedly reported. Any weapon which fires only one round per trigger pull IS NOT an automatic weapon. Ban all automatic weapons and the AR-15 and similar arms will not be affected. Bills consistent with the reality of facts have not been presented. Lame pretenses of dealing with a real problem cannot be addressed if not understood. Continuing the ongoing, intentional admission of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees into the country with no possible vetting process is considerably more dangerous than American citizens having weapons. Law abiding citizens with weapons are not the problem, non-Americans, Americans and terrorists with evil intentions will weaponize regardless of any piece of paper which says they cannot. “If Republicans disarm, all is well and good. If they refuse to disarm, we shall disarm them ourselves”. Elizabeth Warren, idiocy at its best!