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Digesting Ignorance

“We can and we will defeat terrorism around the world”. This was a key sentence in Obamas 51 seconds comment about the bombing of the Brussels Airport. A terrorist bombing which left at least 35 dead and over two hundred injured by an ISIS terrorist attack. This 8 second declaration from Obama basking in the sunshine at a baseball game in Cuba while he enjoyed the company of Cuban dictator Raul Castro is the extent of the presidents anti ISIS bravado. He seems incapable of recognizing the egregious inconsistencies of not mentioning the Muslim connection or the Islam penchant for taking over world civilization with the use of inhuman slaughter. Perhaps he was compelled to be brief and suave while a guest of Castro a man with a dictators mindset.
Since Obamas assumption to power, our nation has fought off its better instincts and fallen in line with the Commander in Chief. Our president is compelled to ascertain all immigrants be guaranteed unalienable rights, liberty, safe domain and the pursuit of happiness; yet, he is hesitant in extending these rights to the entire nation. Black, white, yellow or brown, it is supposed Obama believes certain segments of our nation already have these rights and do not need his encouragement. Where he goes wrong is in understanding there are cultures now inour midst who have no desire for inclusion and are only here as the advance force of an armyintent on our conquest. Offshoots of Islam are leading this terror driven Army while mainstream Muslims remain suspiciously quiet. America has had hard-fought victories in its checkered past and none were won with words or parchment or with declarations. Historically, Americas victories have come with guns, with blood and unimaginable suffering. Slavery much like Nazi Germany and other totalitarian horrors was vanquished by flying steel, heartbreaks and brute force.
Today we have conniving politicians who hijacked Americas liberties and have perverted it for their own political profit. Every political generation considers itself to be smarter than the ones we just got rid of. Every new crop of fast talking “tell them what they want to hear” establishment, entrenched, living off the system, life long politicos are wrong! As a nation we are having a difficult time in the assessment of those who come claiming to reform and those whose political history only shows evidence of deform. Obama is a prime example and Hillary Clinton is further evidence of their self imposed Cardinal rule of political party continuation.
In todays political election season, we seem to have exiled common sense and millions now depend on political parties and supremely biased media to point out who to vote for. Politically those who have established themselves as “influence peddlers” such as Mitt Romney convince us to shun our common sense and follow their often asinine dictates. After the fact, we will dream of the equilibrium we have lost and live in a political purgatory wondering where our candidate went wrong. It was not the candidate, it was our bad choice to begin with.
Donald Trump is being castigated from both sides, neither establishment Republicans or Democrats want him in power. This on its own gives you a very good reason why he should be voted in. The same animosity was reflected against suave yet callous and direct Ronald Reagan who is considered one of the best presidents we ever had.
Trump in our current world of politics is a reflection of what new and often frustrated conservatives have been thinking for a number of years. Conservatives count on their representatives to block the opposition, they have not. Conservatives count on their representatives to legislatively preserve their conservative values and use calculated obstruction as a priority, not an afterthought. Many think of Obama as weak while he continues to run circles around conservatives. Who is weak? Trump represents the final solution, lead or get out of the way. The screaming elite led by Romney are leading the force against Trump for the retention of power of insiders; so convoluted, key republican politicians will vote for Hillary rather than align behind a non establishment candidate. Romney is unapologetically aggressive against Trump. Romney and his republican followers will be using systemic establishment manipulation to block Trump and maintain their Godfather status. Current Republican Party leaders appear to be taking direction from establishment Democrats. Arm linked calamity!