Desert Medical Group and Oasis IPA come together as Desert Oasis Healthcare

Desert Medical Group and Oasis Independent Physician Association (IPA) will come together as one new entity: Desert Oasis Healthcare. By sharing both a new identity as well as a bold and fresh logo, the two groups demonstrate their commitment as a prouder, more unified team dedicated to the health and well-being of their neighbors throughout the Coachella Valley.

“Over the past 26 years, our patients have known that Desert Medical Group and Oasis IPA have always been tightly connected organizations working hard to provide comprehensive and compassionate care,” said Marc Hoffing, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Director for Desert Oasis Healthcare.

“When patients see our new identity “up in lights”, they can be assured of the same trusted resource for information, support and consideration that they have come to expect.”

As the first full-service medical facility and the largest independent practice association in the Coachella Valley and the High Desert, Desert Medical Group and Oasis IPA have pioneered many special, personalized services to meet the continuing needs of their patients. From Twentynine Palms to the Salton Sea, they offer such innovative services as:

doctors making house calls to homebound patients

specialized groups of doctors and nurses to help patients manage such chronic illnesses as Heart Failure and Diabetes

their own home health agency

a Doctor of Pharmacy led medication management team that takes care of more than 1,000 patients needing constant therapeutic drug level monitoring

mobile diabetic monitoring clinics in 4 cities monthly

Extensive teaching programs for diabetes, pre-bariatric surgery, childhood obesity and adopting healthy behaviors

“Now that we are Desert Oasis Healthcare, our simplified organizational structure better positions us to more effectively continue our efforts to develop exciting, innovative programs and services for our patients,” said Dr. Hoffing.

“Aside from our new identity and logo—which has a graphical element carried over from the old Desert Medical Group Logo—three statements appear directly underneath: Your Health. Your Life. Our Passion. These three statements underscore our passion to provide the care our patients require to help maintain or improve their health so they may enjoy their lives to the fullest,” said Dr. Hoffing. “We look forward to fully implementing our new identity throughout our organization and the community over the next several months.”

About Desert Oasis Healthcare

Founded in 1981, Desert Oasis Healthcare is a community-based health care services organization that serves more than 100,000 Coachella Valley and High Desert residents, including 22,000 seniors. Desert Oasis Healthcare patients receive comprehensive health care from a choice of over 125 primary care physicians and a network of over 250 specialist physicians based throughout the Valley and High Desert. The company also operates the only Living & Aging Well program in the area and offers medication management and home health services to its members. For more information about Desert Oasis Healthcare, please call 760-320-5134 or visit