Depressed Realism is Depressing

This week, the Pope declared we are at the beginning of WWIII. Apparently, the Pope is more astute than our own president who still refuses to acknowledge Islam is at war with us. It does not matter ISIS has declared a Jihad against America, Christians, Jews and anybody not Islamic. They are not ISLAMIC so declares our president! The atrocities being committed which include the rape of children as young as three, the enslavement of older women as sex slaves, the forced divorces to comply with their Islamic rules, the beheading of thousands of Christians and whoever gets in their way, these animalistic rituals are incidental.The forced implementation of Sharia Islamic law, does not seem to qualify for the president of the United States to declare, “we have a problem”. Obama at whim wanders into his self conceived candy cane forest of unrealistic opinion. It would not be so drastically significant if the person being stymied by current events was not our own leader. The world is beginning to look at our leader not with reverence but rather with the bewilderment of discovery of an incompetent leader at the helm of the free world.
Our president suffers from the illusion of superiority, bias and an unrealistic view. He suffers from the illusion of having control, the belief he has command over chaos and the belief the Islamic threat is not as threatening to civilization as it really is. In the realm of foreign policy, our leader is the only one wearing rose tinted glasses but he pretends his view is the real world and it is us who have it all wrong.
Somewhere in time, Obama decided the Islamic threat is no more than a dehydrated speck and looks tiny alongside our giant array of military force. They are the JV team. He has brought our potent military to a standstill and dismantles it through disbandment of vital units, cuts, negligence or plain stupidity. We no longer even have a space program and must rely on Russia or China to get us to our own space station. How’s that working out for us now that Russia is our declared enemy again? Obama ridiculed Romney for stating Russia was an imminent threat. His response, “ that was in the 80’s, snicker, snicker”. Ask the Ukrainians if Romney was right.
We have reached a moment when America in order to survive must be brutally honest with ourselves. We have a leader who represents a party who does not represent the best hopes for America. The slogan of “Hope and Change” is just that, a slogan. Change will never be implemented by this leadership in any positive manner. Divisiveness promulgated in the population is not conducive to positive change, it is conducive to turmoil, conflict between the races, classes and cultures. We have a Justice Department who encourages conflict among the states, encourages deceit in government, covers up inadequacies, shelters liars and covers for grossly dishonest federal employees. This is our current heritage and as Americans, we are sinking ourselves below the spectrum of objectivity. Positive illusions are vanishing and our history of the binding of freedom and champions of liberty are evaporating and failing to take root for our next generation; The generation who will ultimately inherit this mess we voted for and we have created through passive complicity.
November 4th, 2014 can be the start to halt the current decay and the beginning of turning this sinking ship around. Informed voters can make the difference. Those oblivious to what is going on need to awaken and see the chaotic world for what it really is. Those who can see through the political fog must stop supporting the entrenched party and vote for America!