Deny,  Deceive and Extinguish

Deny, Deceive and Extinguish

American voters have been trained to accept deception. A dangerous path for maintaining democracy. In centuries past we have learned deception leads to unprincipled rulers, undeterred power and decades of political control of the masses. A decadence brought about by spoonfuls of unchallenged lies, unparalleled shading of truth and a willing acceptance by our once protectors of truth, mainstream media. Media has abandoned its responsibility allowing political debris and white washed chicanery as credible news. In actuality, media is covering up and proliferating a anti American values agenda. Liberal politicians prone to taking command in a relentless search for power have mainstream media as their allies. What media gains is a cozy relationship, spoon feeding liberal agenda news, willingly acting as a conduit instead of the filter of deceit.
The recent revelation former Obama National Security advisor Susan Rice was a political plant, and liberally eavesdropped on the Republicans, was quickly denied. Remember the IRS? Conservatives files were endlessly scrutinized, a scandal that went nowhere. It was also vigorously denied despite the fact confidential conservatives files showed up scattered everywhere except the file cabinets they were intended to be. The FBI Director Comey evaded direct questions by claiming it was under investigation. Apparently it has been sunk to the depths of political opportunism and the American public will never see the truth. Susan Rice is once again on the news circuits issuing her Trump team espionage denials. Adamant denials despite the fact there are on file, names, documents, dates and places taken through electronic eavesdropping. Rice met with Obama every morning and the Trump campaign strategies were part of her briefing folder. Everything was legal according to Rice and the FBI Director, Comey, cannot comment because, “it is under investigation”. Same story line as Benghazi and Hillarie’s 31,000 classified emails from her private, unsecured server. Today, years later, the American public pines for truth while investigative agencies keep mum waving off inquisitive Americans. “It is under investigation”. The “Dark State” underground, secret inside government envisioned by Obama is alive and well with 1,700 Obama holdovers still in command of many government operations.
Mainstream media no longer questions statistics, explanations, or issues rebuttals based on verified, obvious untruths. Specific political agendas including from once impeccable national security sources should at minimum be held responsible for the unquestionable effect they have on outcome. As a population we can no longer tell the difference between a cloudy day and a political smokescreen instigated in partnership with media. Recent revelations again show Obama appointee, National Security Advisor, Susan Rice tapped into conservative, private citizens files and classified information. Confidential, pilfered Trump files ended up on the desks of mainstream media and 17 separate agencies. Specific evidence of illegal, Democrats political connivance. Is there doubt Obama, Hillary aided and abetted political espionage? Spying on American citizens is compelling and totally contrary to our protected citizen rights established under the constitution. Our own spy agencies, paid by the American taxpayers are or were being used to intercept private conversations . Our own agencies spying on our own citizens is felonious, an added ingredient brought in by the often lawless Obama administration and carried out by faithful party soldiers. Venezuela and dictatorial regimes have nothing on us when it comes to political corruption. The new socialist ingredients, often impossible to reverse added by Obama, to our traditional American pie have to be pulled out by astute Americans to be able to taste the America our forefathers intended for us to savor. The left over “ American pie” is now made of shredded cabbage giving us a perennial case of tumultuous gas.
There are many instances of outright untruths. Mainstream media is earning the title of “Mainstream lying provocateurs”. Additionally, mainstream media has become a trusted ally with the anti-Trump movement. They ignore completely and the general population never hears the unvarnished truth. The current anti-Trump movement has become a facts versus political rhetoric movement.
There are many media inaccuracies which pass as genuine commentary. We accept the catty, hormonal sourpusses talking heads both male and female as representative of mainstream America. Mainstream media continues to confirm their quest to proliferate a socialist agenda. Media lends support to Socialist causes, not the truth. Deny, deceive and extinguish American values.