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Del Taco Opens in Coachella

Located at the corner of Ave 52 and Harrison St.

A crowd gathered quickly to help celebrate and try out the best burritos in Coachella; That, according to connoisseurs who can’t get enough of fast Mexican food gourmet meals.
Owner Nachhattar Chandi, his wife Susana and his children were surrounded by family , city officials and well wishers who assisted Mayor Eduardo Garcia in cutting the ribbon and officially mark the first day of operation. The crowds arriving from surrounding neighborhoods were eager to pronounce the food as “real good” and vowed to return on a regular basis. Several kids pronounced it as “yummy” which we took as meaning they approved.
The Del Taco restaurant was in the making for several months and went up surprisingly fast after receiving city approval. It became one of the fastest launches in Californian Del Taco history, a little over one month of construction starting from the ground up.
With Mariachis and hundreds of well wishers, the Coachella Del Taco will employ approximately 30 employees and will give a boost to the Coachella economy. Stop by at the conveniently located new Del Taco in Coachella on Avenue 52 and Harrison.

Photos by Ignacio Gonzalez, more of page 7.