Corruption Leads

When you function in the “gimme” world, you find there is no “gimme” without a gimme back. Questions remain with contributions given to the Clinton Foundation. What did the Clintons give in return for the multi-millions of contributions totaling well over a billion dollars from Middle East Muslim nations, while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State? The Muslim nation of Bahrain alone contributed $32 Million dollars. The Clinton-ian answer is nothing, Muslim nations gave donations in the millions of dollars out of the kindness of their heart. A crystal clear statistic is the fact 85 out of 104 logged visitors Hillary met with had donated to the Clinton Foundation. Little doubt is left, pay for play was alive and well.
Despite several of Hillary phone logs recently discovered finding a constant communique in the hundreds between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, the FBI dropped the investigation and declared there is no conclusive evidence the principles Hillary and the Clinton Foundation ever actually communicated with each other. Fortunately we have the most astute investigative agency in the world who has looked into this.
Apparently absent from the FBI analysis to maintain political correctness is the fact there are more ways than a phone call to communicate between principals. Hillary, Secretary of State, Chelsea, Hillarie’s daughter, the coordinator inside the Clinton Foundation, and former president Bill Clinton the king pin coordinating the basic direction of the foundation constitute the threesome Clinton foundation movers.
Unbeknownst to investigative agencies in an arrangement called marriage, it is common for Bill Clinton, Hillarie’s husband to sleep in her bed and quite common to discuss issues with your wife and your own daughter. This and of itself is not proof any of the three ever talk. As the electorate, have we really become that stupid or are we falling victims to expectation? Like all government agencies we are expected to conform to the Socialist thought of the day. And the thought seems to be as Obama himself has said; “there is not a single iota of proof”, nothing to see here, move along. We move from one Clinton misdeed to the other finding massive evidence of irregularities. Irregularities that would definitely land you or I in jail. We have yet to resolve anything in regards to Benghazi, the email scandal and now the Clinton Foundation but the nation is ready to name Hillary as the Commander in Chief, our president, the leader of the free world. We seem reluctant to bring in an outsider Billionaire who has amassed his fortune through his own astuteness and the electorate would rather assign the power of a nation to someone who excels in shenanigans, misdeeds, living off the taxpayer and someone who deals and wheels for cash in return for favors. That is the nation we have become. Handing over the assets of a nation to someone who shows no hesitation of converting it into her own piggy bank. Not only ludicrous, it is totally incongruous of who we were founded to be as a nation. Perhaps that is one reason our constitution is under attack, Socialism is the new direction, God is optional and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is so passé.
We are witnessing in America today a real contradiction, a strange mixture of populism (Trump) and the critical theorizing of insisting a Socialist party dominate our society. Socialism unknown to American youth comes into focus as it always does into any society with what is perceived as a dash of intellectual panache. Populism is releasing anti-elitist rhetoric while the Socialist champions are tied to a Highly elitist language of having without earning.
In an effort to solidify electoral control, Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeb Johnson has confirmed the Obama administration is considering under Presidential Policy Directive 21, Executive Order 13636, transferring power of all electoral systems to the command of the Obama White House naming them”critical infrastructure”. This would consolidate 9,000 systems and bring them under the executive branch. The Executive branch by all available data would declare winners and losers. Their justification is to insure a clean process. For your average American this sounds logical, for those already aware of the new Socialist Democrat Party agenda, this is dangerously ominous. Reality does not exist without a vivid imagination and our imagination is being contorted to the extreme.