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Republicans are erroneously perceived by Latinos as going against the tide. They must gather their wits, and address this continuing slide of losing the Latino vote; understand who they are and inform themselves to counter the misinformation thrown out by entrenched Democrats aided by main steam media , the rooting section of the Democrat Party.
Republicans can counter every argument with facts in regards to blacks and Latinos.
1) A Republican President freed the slaves. There were 3.9 million slaves, 200,000 fought in the civil war; 40,000 black soldiers were killed, 750,000 white soldiers were also killed. Let’ s balance this historical reality with a fact, over a three-year period in the early 40’s, “Six Million Jews”, women and children were gassed to death.
2) Climate warming, a Republican president signed the EPA into law to combat the then threat of the century, global cooling.
3) The aged: A Republican president created the Department of Aging to address specific senior issues.
4) Youth: A Republican president who gave 18 year olds the right to vote.
5) A Republican signed Title IX into law giving women the same rights as men in youth sports.
6) A Republican gave illegals amnesty approved by congress. Republicans and voters need awareness of the facts!
Republicans must also understand whom they are trying to reach.
Latinos are not a homogenous group; 22 different countries make up Lati-nos. Each Latino country has it’s own understanding of democracy. American born Latinos are Democrats from birth. They inherit their religion and political affiliation and never question who or what they are. Conversions are dramatic and come with some loss of family, loss of friends, loss of employment. It is far reaching. Converting from Democrat to Republican is as traumatic as explaining you are now a Baptist, not a Catholic. “Your going to hell”! “ Your a Republican?” Your going to hell! Same drama!
Every Latino group has their own understanding of America. They all have some basic issue that drove them here and Democrats convincingly capitalize with empty promises. A chicken in every pot! They excel in pretend fairness.
The Coachella Valley is 51% Latino; 68% come from Mexico. While sim-pler to address one nationality, they all arrive with a socialistic mentality still tethered to the emotions of their birth nation; adapted to ObamaCare, waiting all day to see a doctor.
How many of those 5million immigrants Reagan gave amnesty to are Republicans? The estimate is 10%. This validates inheritance of political party. Republicans have slid from 40% of the Latino vote to 26%.
The pressing question is what can Republicans do?
Stop addressing the Latino community with sporadic conservative thought, increase it ten fold. Stop working on political campaigns one campaign at a time be in campaign mode 100% of the time, not just on election years. Democrats start from the cradle and even dead Democrats get to vote. Dumbing down and dependence is a deliberate strategy, which must be countered.
Now is the time to start addressing 2016 – 2020. Through a network of connectedness, constant articles done in good informative form, from all segments, youth, women, men, political observers, weekly email, presenta-tions, newsletters, community groups directed to the Latino community, lec-tures, consistent letters to the editor, immediate response teams, talks, award luncheons to recognize those coming into the fold. Republicans have to get serious; they cannot treat this with a cyclic interest.
The uninformed Latinos far outnumber the informed. Republicans excel at being bland while Democrats convince Latinos noise is in fact music and ethnic hygiene comes from tamales or as Hillary believes, burritos with guac.