Congresswoman Mary Bono Meets With Editorial Board

La Prensa Hispana-Indio, California

Congresswoman Bono met with La Prensa Hispana Editorial Board in Indio on Monday. Congresswoman Bono spoke about all issues including immigration, the East Coachella Valley, the current conflicts in the Middle East, terrorism threats including those in our own hemisphere, and the clean-up issues involving Salton Sea.

In a very frank and open discussion in which immigration kept coming up as a topic, she reiterated she is in favor of a work program for immigrant workers and discussed the problems stemming from illegal immigration. She was realistic about how the immigration issue has become a political football with partisan politics steering it into 2007. President Bush is very much in favor of immigration reform as he has said so many times. Democrats keep derailing the issue to opt for long term partisan politics instead of solving the problem.

Congresswoman Bono understands Spanish and can make herself understood in Spanish. She has often visited South America. She made mention of close personal friends she considers part of her family who arrived here illegally from Guatemala, now legally immigrated and very successful in their own business. She understands the hardships, the challenges and our need to help. She also understands the need for the United States to control its borders for the sake of all of us.

The current situation in Venezuela and Hugo Chavez adds urgency for the United States to know who is coming into the country. Hugo Chavez has met with the leaders of Iran in a very open display of affection at least eight times in recent weeks. He is opening up factories to manufacture AK47’s in Venezuela and has negotiated various pacts with known terrorist nations. South America is becoming a hot bed of dissent in certain areas and this encourages terrorists to infiltrate and target the United States. Illegal immigration and terrorism are two separate issues, because of 9-11, both of which are unfortunately seen as joined at the hip by the majority of Americans including many Hispanics.

Congresswoman Bono spent as much time as was needed to discuss all the issues. She has often been seen in the East Coachella Valley for many functions. Although she usually arrives without any fanfare as she did this time and participates in activities with local groups, she seldom gets credited for it.

Many questions had been taken in advance by members of the editorial board from the readership to ask the Congresswoman. She made it very clear that her office was available to assist persons with immigration issues. It is her intent to find solutions and assist those wanting to be here legally. Her office is located in Palm Springs.

In attendance with Congresswoman Bono were Managing Editor Ana Rascon Vasquez, CEO Al Vasquez, Community Representative Marie Santana, Business owner Yolanda Flores and Staff Representative Ben Saiz.