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Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack Gathers with friends and Supporters

Last Saturday, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack introduced former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his wife along with the Congreswomans husband Congressman Connie Mack who came to endorse her and help her launch her 2010 campaign.

The Republican Congresswoman has a wide base of support in the Coachella Valley. She was voted as the “Political Community Partner of 2009” by Voto Latino a community based

voter proclivity research group. Data is collected via the internet and operates out of Indio. Congresswoman Bono Mack who can carry on a conversation in Spanish is a Latino favorite who attends or sends representation to many East valley gatherings.

Congresswoman Mack is seen by Latinos as conservative enough to represent their strong family values yet moderate enough to see both sides of any issue. For many Latinos, this is one of the reasons the Congresswoman regularly garners 60% of the vote.