<!--:es-->Congressional Candidate Brian Nestande is Flanked by tens of Veterans Voicing Concerns<!--:-->

Congressional Candidate Brian Nestande is Flanked by tens of Veterans Voicing Concerns

Assemblyman and congressional candidate Brian Nestande is flanked by numerous veterans concerned with the gross negligence in veterans health care from the Veterans Administration. All made their feelings of concern known for the growing number of deaths due to non provision of health services to those most in need. There have been 40 documented deaths across the country of veterans who have died while waiting for months and even years to see a VA doctor. Nineteen VA facilities have been involved indicating this is a systemic problem, not an isolated incident.
The sitting representative for this district, Ruiz, has followed the party line and has said nothing about this significant issue.
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Veterans are and should be concerned about another Federal Department scandal which affects their health care directly. Obama spoke to the nation having found out about the veterans health fiasco through the newspaper. As a Commander in Chief, his response was tepid with what seemed to be feigned concern. He is launching an investigation, standing by the head of the VA and in essence going the same route he took for the IRS scandal, never resolved but declared to not have had “a smidgeon of corruption”.
It is tremendously disheartening our congressional representative in Washington, Ruiz has been absent from this issue. Ruiz must wait for his party to act instead of voicing the concern of all veterans.