Coachella Measure K – A Need or a Risk?

Measure K will give Coachella protestors more places to take their “Occupy Coachella” movement since they favor parks. The citizens of Coachella are being asked to raise their own taxes for the sake of the kids. While it is a good thought, it is also a good thought to find out where the missing $6 million dollars the city spent on un- built housing went? Coachella residents already have $6 million in a pot somewhere that needs to be accounted for. But, Coachella now needs more money in their general fund for parks. Bear in mind, funds for the “General Fund” can be spent in “general ways” who really decides if the money will actually go for parks? Will the residents of Coachella be left wondering a year from now, “Where are the parks”? We will then have $6 million dollars lost for housing and also perhaps, six parks nowhere to be found. General accountability is left to those we elect to oversee the cities concerns and issues but bear in mind, elected officials do not always agree, nor necessarily listen to their constituents. What is perfectly clear is they have an agenda and you as voters are part of it! What is also clear is they want more of your money.
Measure K is taunted as only a half of a percent increase. However, this half of a percent must be added to the existing 7.75% residents already pay so in reality you will be voting for an 8.25% tax in totality. This is not an isolated tax where you only pay if you purchase certain items; this is a tax across the board. Everybody who spends money pays for it. It is true these monies would stay in Coachella and the state cannot take these monies away. Huummmm, believe that at your own risk, remember the tax and spend party controls the entire state and that is a fact! It is also a fact they spend billions more than they collect. Do you honestly believe they will not be looking for ways to go after your tax monies?
The people most impacted by this lackadaisical approach to fiscal soundness are the youngsters who would really enjoy wider spaces to play ball. Residents need to also wonder, who will police these parks. Within the past two weeks we have had at least two murders in Coachella and who knows how many felony assaults. Perhaps these are only sporadic signs of gang activity and the times and nothing to really get panicky about. Perhaps, but throw a pinch of reality into your daydream and you must have noticed the Coachella nightlife is not the safest place to be. Some residents may insist the million to be generated go for law enforcement, instead of parks.
“Measure K” like many Coachella political campaigns has received wide support from the Democrat stronghold. This is to be expected and measure K will possibly pass since little thought is placed by the citizenry as to what is really at stake.