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Chuck Vasquez Has Earned a Seat On The City Council

Cathedral City registered voters will receive their ballots between April 4th and April 23rd to vote in the May 3,rd Special Election. This election to decide who will take the seat at the Cathedral City, City Council has crucial undertones.

Incumbent Mayors when running for re-election should have one option to run for Mayor, or run for a council seat, not both. This does not mean, if I lose for Mayor, then I can be considered for a vacated Council Seat. To perpetuate this kind of logic in a city the size of Cathedral City means it is costing tax payers at least $30,000 to play “Politics” as usual.

Thirty thousand dollars translates to watering the parks for a year, bringing in a part-time police officer for a year, supporting a recreational program, contributing to the city maintenance, covering the costs of several store front face lifts, paying for cultural day celebrations, help in paying for 1000 Healthy Family Insurance policies or any number of other fiscally responsible items. We must remember that $30,000 represents a full years’ income for many families in Cathedral City.

All of this has a bearing even before reviewing the issue of which candidate should be elected. While Mayor George Stettler served the city honorably, he lost in the race he ran for. Voters made their choice.

For Chuck Vasquez, serving Cathedral City has never been about politics, it has been about people. You do not form Neighborhood Watch Groups across the city over several years for politics. You do it for the people. You do not receive the endorsement from the Cathedral City Employees Union because you’re a good politician. You receive it because you are a hard working decent person. You do not receive an endorsement from the Cathedral City Firefighters Association because you’re a “Hot Politician”. You receive it because you have done something to earn their trust. You do not receive the endorsement from the Building Industry Association because you know how to build stumbling blocks. You receive it because you know how to remove them.

Chuck Vasquez would be the only representative on the City Council out of the five council seats who would be representative of the 50% of the Latino/Hispanic population which as of this year has no representation.

We call on you to consider Chuck Vasquez, remember he won the 2001 and 2004 “Citizen of the Year” award”, the 2003 “Honorary Fire Fighter” award and the 2005 “Man of the Year” award. He was not running for anything, he was just serving his community. “It’s Not About Politics, It’s About People!” Vote For Chuck Vasquez. He Is The Logical Choice!