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    Best Mom Contest

    Time Warner Cable, Desert Cities is providing the forms and materials needed to participate in “The Best Mom” contest. Contestants who want to talk up their Mom’s can do so with an essay of 150 to 550 words of praise …

  • <!--:es-->Altura Credit Union Open For Business In Coachella<!--:-->

    Altura Credit Union Open For Business In Coachella

    Altura Credit Union held its’ formal “Ribbon Cutting” ceremonies at the rehabilitated Old Fire Station on 6th Street. Several hundred persons were in attendance to listen to Mark Hawkins, President/CEO, Altura Credit Union, Chuck Clendenin, Business & Cooperative Program Director, …

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    “Democrats Commit Hispanic Suicide”

    “Democrats Commit Hispanic Suicide”

    By Raoul Lowery Contreras

    “The confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as attorney general yesterday was depressing.”

    New York Times Editorial, February 4

    “But beyond his other failings, Mr. Gonzales has come to represent the administration’s role in …

  • Centro Postal Automático

    La oficina de correos de Indio anuncio el inicio de su “Centro Postal Automatico”. El centro postal automatico fue presentado al publico con las intenciones de mejorar sus servicios. El centro Automatico puede dar servicio aunque las oficinas no esten …

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