California Voters Must Unite to Save America!

Coachella Valley - Vote for Meg Whitman-Carly Fiorina- Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack- Steve Sanchez

September Storm
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On November 2nd, 2010, we will be confronted with one of the most important elections any electorate has ever faced. Past generations have encountered wars, financial crisis, educational turmoil, natural disasters or many other complications.
This November, we are confronted by practically all of these at the same time with the crisis in unemployment completely unabated.
Despite claims by our leader in the White House-Obama, our leader in the Senate- Harry Reid, or our leader in the House of Representatives-Nancy Pelosi who all claim the contrary, no one outside of Washington D.C. seriously believes the recession ended in July of 2009.
Washington D.C. the home of our tax supported leaders has unemployment at 5% compared to 10% and above for the rest of America. Perhaps this explains why they do not see the urgency and seriously believe they are doing a fantastic job.
This hint at their total misunderstanding of the numbers is only one of the reasons we the voters must remove from office politicians who not only do not see the light, they support each other in duping America.
For too long we have heard chants of blaming bush or resolving our financial crisis by taxing the “rich” which ultimately includes you and I. In very clear numbers and a brief explanation, let me inform you as to why they are misleading the nation. They either do not understand or are blatantly dishonest. Bad news in either case!
Taxing the rich to the ultimate extreme will generate $70 Billion dollars per year. Obama has overspent this year by 1,000,000 Billion (one million billion) and by the end of next year our country will have overspent by 3,ooo,ooo Billion ( three million billion).
It does not take a mathematical wiz to see that 70 Billion from 1,000,000 Billion still leaves an enormous amount of negative spending which we are borrowing from the Chinese at the rate of 40 cents for every dollar we spend. One trillion dollars equals one million billion. You now know more than they do.
This nation is heading towards the edge of the cliff at a supersonic speed and Democrats are totally concerned with their retention of power.
We as Americans are waking up and discovering our nation is no longer the priority for our elected representatives, POWER and CHANGING AMERICA is the controlling party priority. We have the Federal governments Department of Justice together with 13 other foreign nations joining forces to economically farther destroy and vanquish Arizona.
When did Americans authorize the Federal government to join with other nations to pick off American states one by one? From where did this idiocy come from? It is even more demeaning considering Arizona is only trying to protect its citizenry.
America has evolved over the past 18 months into a chaotic anti-business government. Today, the federal government launched another mission to destroy the potatoes industry in America claiming potatoes are now bad for your health.
We must stop the lunacy and vote out party “destroy American enterprise” loyalists who no longer listen to their constituents. In the Coachella Valley and Imperial Valley we must vote for Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack and Steve Sanchez. Do not accept the destruction of America, our nation needs your help!